Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Special FreqwenzListe 2005-6

Special  FreqwenzListe 2005-6

Spezial Frequenzliste  is another rival of the ‘famous;  utility guide from Klingenfuss .
And this  time again from the same country as Klingenfuss : Germany. The company VTH de is a specialized  company with hardware (as reseller ) and publisher of  hobby books[under the name Siebel Verlag ], not only on radio and amateur but also on other hobbies of interest as plane radio  (just look at the  site www.vth.de )

This book is in German. I have learned German since my 6 years of age till ca 13but my German now , after 30 or more years is now not so much sufficient though I can understand a bit . The book consists of :

Intro guide , with lots of info in German
Special reference to all modes used in the book with some basic information on all the used modes

More than 400 pages with frequencies
This book has the same format as the Ferrel’s and is of same format ……

Freq  - station –mode -remarks
…in more than 400 pages

On the end , in appendices  , there is a full Morse code , a cross reference listing of station  codes And on the end for abt 40 pages of addresses .

 This is now the only book having this listing.
IN between  ferrel's and this i prefer this book since except the more information i more easier to use due to the spiral bound the Ferrel's used 

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