Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kamus Pelajar Lengkap

Kamus Pelajar Lengkap

This is  a rather useless dictionary   for Malay language bought more than 15 yes ago with very low usage or reference  so far

As it is noticed  i the book it is  used mainly  for schoolers of secondary schools .
Will not review  this book so  much except for its structure and how it works:

There are ca 530 pages on this book Starts  with short prefaces and some basic guidance in Malay and English and use the ejjan baru. The main dictionary includes the term followed by English term then followed by Malaysian explanation of te term  then with an example. Still knowing soem few  Malaysian IN some cases there are also some illustrations  with  drawings describing the  term . As for example for smoke  there is drawing of a bulb leaving smoke

There  is a English Malaysian  cross reference
Roman numerals
Measurements and weights

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