Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kamus Umum Indonesia Inggeris

Kamus Umum Indonesia Inggeris 

And this is another  quite interesting book from  my older times . I don ot remember then time  i bought it but must be before 2000.

this book  uses many sources for collecting the Malay Indonesian words some of them are of my possession. as for example the Echols  dictionary  (the older smaller edition ), the Malay  GEM  and the Kamus Umum are of this reference Due to its large age (written on 76 ) and it use of ejaan  baru , there are some directions for usage  for the reader in the introductory text

There are ca 560 pages of passage as always in two columns .

Open holes or the right part (as bookmarks )make a faster search of the required word.See the picture

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