Friday, November 2, 2012

Kamus Bahasa Baku by Lufti Abas

Kamus bahasa  baku by Lufti Abas 

This is my second Malay dictionary  , after the  Collins GEM , bought more than 15 yeas ago  from  i think directly the publisher from Malaysia Times Corp . It is a  866  page book from which the 804  pages is  the Malay dictionary solely

This  book is written in both Malay and Chinese. It uses the classical design of two columns and  the story is  separated this way :

Small preface in both Malay and Chinese
Chapter with similarities between  ejaan lama and baru  As for example
       Batek becomes batik  and pileh becomes pilih
Matches between  Latin words and their Malay Romanization
       Chocolate > coklat      machine > mesin

The dictionary  goes into this format :
       Malay > Chinese > English > Malay meaning or synonyms

see the picture below: 

Composite words
        Air bali > air  sebak
    Kaki lima > beranda

The next chapter  is with duplicate  words
   Anak kepaling > sedikit > Chinese translation
   Duka lara > sangat sedih  (extremely sad , I know it from many songs )

Names of countries Here are some unpredicted  country  names
  Greece > Greece /Yunani
  Egypt> Mesir
  Algeria instead of Maghreb !!
  Ethiopia > Habsyah

Authorities including ministries , government  etc in malay > English > Chinese

Names of ministers  as perdana menteri > Prime minister

Chief posts in government   as for example ahli bomba > fireman 


Honorary medals

Various acronyms

This book has  been  used ao far   as my main Malaysian  dictionary . There are many cases the  Echols cant  help !

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