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Ferrel’s confidential frequency list (1999)

Ferrel’s confidential frequency  list  (1999)

This was (or still is? I don’t know ) one of the major rivals of Klingenfuss frequency lists>This  edition is of 1999 and ws published  by Practical wireless an amateur radio magazine in UK and is possible the last as with a simple search on Google  shown  1998 as the latest

As far as it is noticed. They had a cooperation with WUN (worldwide utility  network a mailing list and site related to utility  stations , quite known the older times as the best form  for these types of service on 90s + but later it was  defunct )
I think  that Klingenfuss  blames  rather  directly  this book and  this mailing list for fake and faint  entries
This is a spiral bound  book with 450 pages with sheet that can be easily removed if someone not cares enough.
The structure of this book is as  follows:

Abbreviation list
Frequency list    - as noted in the preface , the completely  redesigned it to allow more spaces  for special modes to be noted in the remarks column

The columns are

Khz call  location     type  mode  remarks

Type  shows if it  is marine meteo  etc
Mode  shows  if is transmitted in CW , SSB  ARQ etc
Remarks show the reply freqs if it is aero ,  or which  service type etc

Reverse listing
Call , location , type , mode , freqs

ICAO & WMO  location indicators (principal airports and meteo centers )
Classified services (service and freq bands )
 Digital modes  and their name variants
Navtex – automated  marine warning service in plain English , by time
Maritime freq  allocations
ICAO HF area freqs

Plus four maps showing the iCAO  routes

No way , this book was may second reference for freqs  those older times (on 2000 )It is quite out of discussion  to describe  which from these books (Kling or Ferel )is better or more up to date . IN practice , there were many signals that  were  not available on  any of both books ,possibly due to continuous frequency changes , or even ‘stray’  transmission

Book making 3 /10
Content : 6/10

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