Thursday, November 1, 2012

2005-2006 guide to utility stations

2005-2006    guide to utility  stations

This a more recent edition  from the  Klingenfuss guide I use in my shack .
This book has  still ca 600 pages of information but the paper used is quite thinner so that the total thickness  is only the  half of the previous edition

This  edition  has several minor changes :
Radio regulations  are with the previous  edition do not exist , or just several paragraphs are noticed
The structure of the book  remains the same . Only modifications to the introductory  text as the technology has been  severely  changed (esp in the encoding types with more  complex systems ) as first  there was a decline of the  shortwave services
There is a paragraph commenting on the total disinformation happened by rivals editions and the internet clubs and forums   with either plagiarized material or even phantom frequencies (ie quantity  against quality ) or even extinct stations. As in result he notes : ‘hands off the internet’  I don’t know if this really true  but I suspect  some arrogance.   
There is also a a big text of ca 6 pages  about the newly formed (those times )with HF email (ie email by radio) tht they think is more secure than the  standard email

The frequency listing is 297 pages of 9700 freqs  on 1900 services /stations with the same format (freq , ID , station and )

In the alphabetical  listing there are not mail addresses , but the reader  is encouraged  to look at ICAO ITU  and other international sites . Also  if a station has internet page it is also noted

And all information as noticed for the third part (Q codes Z codes and all remain  in the same series )

And  the publisher’s self advertisement

The book  is  still a valuable guide. I kept  both editions.

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