Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grove’s shortwave directory

Grove’s shortwave directory 

And this is my last utility frequency guide! And it the oldest along the others (1993) and possibly not longer printed . And i cannot consider either as a rival of the KLingenrffuss  guide due to its unique design

IN contrast to the other books  this ‘book’ has 4 peculiarities:

-Size: its size  is A4, bound by 3 holes on the left for easy punching in dossier 

-Modular:  each  chapter has its own page numbering .Possibly for changing only chapters  in case anupdate is available
-Format and design : Utility  oriented. Each  chapter discusses each utility separately with its own frequencies and some minor information
-More American oriented : All utilities are mostly  for American ute DXers though  there are also some sub-chapters for other countries

Here is a short look of this rather ‘uncommon’ book :

 ON preface there are  two communication sets of 34 and 86  of USA  for the last to describe  which utilities are legal to monitor (mainly all non encrypted transmissions ), the hottest  250 frequencies and a short introduction  to RTTY (radio teletype or radio telex ) by Robert Evans , RTTY columnist in Monitoring Times a subsidiary  of Grove 

Then the following  chapters (non with more detail !Most entries have also some minor information prior  to frequencies )
-Combined air forces of the non US countries
-US Air force
-Coast guard
-US government federal
- US embassies
-Public safety
-Common carrier
-Business scientific private , includes also time stations
-Long wave with beacons  navtex etc with very big listing
-Standard broadcasting with feeders and underground (clandestines and pirates) in just one page , with references to other publications
-Miscellaneous including spy and number stations
Glossary : abbreviations , definitions , phonetic alpha codes in 6 languages , CW abbreviations , Q code (partial ), , international  country prefixes , , US freq allocations , emission classifications

And a listener logs sheet!! (I wonder why this simple  table is copyrighted ! )

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