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A students grammar of Malay by M Mintz

A students  Grammar of Malay (& Indonesian ) by M Mintz 

This was one  of my most interesting   the older times when i have  bought . IN this series there are also three other books that include ' a course in conversational Malay' and advanced writing  for students of Malay and Indonesian , that are also in my possession  from same order .
and really  was very good book for learning  the structure of the malayan  grammar
If am sure  this books also includes a casete with all passages

Mine edition is of 1994 with ca 430 pages  . As far as i looked in Amazon there is a new edition of 2002but i was astonished  looking that ths new price is GBP53 from  UK or $170 from USA . although i do not remember exactly i think on mid90s  i have bought  all 3 books  from S'pore for less than $100 !!

The book  instead of having  drills or  exercises has  only a passage  structure wit very many examples
Here is the list  of contents

1 Sound system : vowels /consonants /timing /spelling system /chart of vowels /chart of consonants
2: Sentences , phrase clauses conjunctions
3 Tense and aspect
4 Pronouns : personal demonstrative locative interrogative indefinite
5: Verbal affixes : meng- / ber- / di- / ter- / per- / and suffixes -kan /-i /-in /-an
6: Nominal affixes : pe- /peng/ peng--an/per--an/  -an / ke--an/ ke- / -nya
7 General affixes : se-/ -lah /-kah
8: Comparisons and differences : greater degree / lesser degree / similar degree / superlatie degree / intensity
9 Reduplication : individuality /intensity / repetitiveness continuation generality / recoprocity
10: Negatives and tag  questions : bukan and tidak / tag qiestions / jangan
11 Numbers and time
12 General usage : kena /terms of obligation / memang & tentu /boleh dapat sempat bisa / ambil bawa dapat / beritahu , bilang , suruh , pesan , /minta & tanya/ 'while' / for & inorder to / juga , pun , pula / seperti sebagai macam / selain daripada , disamping / next to & beside /lewat & lampat / saja & baru / baru& sebelum / dalu & sebelum / dulu & sebelum/ kemudian & nanti/ kemudian , lalu , selepas, setelah / jadi / seorang sendiri sendrian / selama sepanjang / sejak / lho  sih sok deh yuk (! )

In the passages  however  there are several  most interesting points
1. there are two columns  of text : the left  column  shows  the text in Malaysian while the right column shown the  Indonesian . Her is an example :
biasanya orang tanya kalau kurang faham    (M)
baisanya orang tanya kalau kurang mengerti   (I)

(transl : usually poeple ask when tey do nt understand )  in page 118

but surely  in case there is not diference  the  sentence is once :
kalau sudah siap , beritahu saya   (both  M & I )
(transl when you are reasdy .let me know )

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