Friday, November 2, 2012

Kamus ungkapan Indonesia Inggris by Podo & Sullivan

Kamus ungkapan Indonesia Inggris

by Podo & Sullivan

This is a rather uncommon dictionary as it has a different approach than all  previous dictionaries . There is a motto  for this book  ‘learn English  though  Indonesian grammar ’
IT is one of the thickest 'Malay languege' books I have with more than 2.5 inches of thickness and about 1250 pages A5 size and is hardbound . It is also hard  to remember from where I bought it , but seems from a oldies bookstore in UK. As far as I kcan remember , the book has been  received  ca  1 month later after I ordered , vue to the Christmas period > MY order was on early December  but I took in my hands on first days of January !!!

This  book consists  only with the dictionary . With a small preface in Indonesian and English (just 3 pages )

The structure wording  is this:

Term- explanation – example sentence – example’s translation

Derivatives and expressions  in separate paragraphs

Here is a photo of the inside

I used  rather rarely this book . I think that these  fat dimensions  make it rather unhandy !!

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