Friday, November 9, 2012

Advanced writing of students of Malay and Indonesian by Malcolm Mintz

Advanced writing of students of Malay and Indonesian

And this is the third  and my last book of Malay language. 
This  book has a rather different aspect 
At  fist  the structure is nearly as of the book of Malay grammar , with Malaysian and Indonesian  to be separated by columns , and in case the text is nearly identical only the non-identical terms are separated by a slash and showed with a raised letter  M or I for Malaysian  and Indonesian lang respectively

The chapters include the following topics

  1. Chronological order
  2. Spatial relations
  3. Classification
  4. Comparison and control
  5. Generalizations and specifics
  6. Cause and effect
  7. Definitions
  8. Prediction and inference
  9. Hypothesis
  10. Proposals
  11. Refutation and complaint

The first part shows terms in both Malay/Indo  wit the structure and terming as noticed above (actually expressions ) with their  translation on the the second column in English
On latihan (exercises ) it is again a 2 column  text – separately  Malay and Indonesian
Each chapter shows excerpts from various newspapers and also letter formats

Unfortunately  this book is quite advanced for me. Because  i have never started systematically  learning the language.

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