Friday, November 9, 2012

A course of conversational Malay (by Malcolm MIntz)

A course of conversational Malay

This is  the second  of the Malay language series of Malcolm  Mintz with 420 pages  . This book is accompanied with a cassette with all dialogues
I will do here a description rather a review. This book  has been used sparingly so far

Each lesson  includes
Dialogue  in Malaysian and English ,separately  in two columns
Additional vocabulary  with related  words and their translation
Notes where available: where further explanation or usage  is  required especially for  the additional vocabulary words .

Structure : it shows the  structure of the sentences  with a word by  word  translation on in next paragraph :For example in page 27 (lesson 4 ) the sentence

Warna   ini  warna hijau-kah? Salah Saly   is shown as
Colour  this colour green- Q? wrong saly
and translated as :
Is this color green?  Wrong Saly

These are the contents :

Phonology (the structure of the Malay language and its phonetics )

Lessons :
  • Good morning
  • I don’t quite understand
  • What is this
  • What color
  • How many brothers and sisters
  • Where are you coming from
  • What does cigkku ali look like
  • Drinking coffee
  • Looking for someone
  • What time is it
  • Meet my friend
  • An invitation
  • Looking for a place
  • Returning a book
  • Differing customs
  • Don't pray any attention
  • Drive with care
  • Filling up with petrol
  • Seeing the doctor
  • At the market
  • Getting a lift
  • I didn’t pass
  • Caught in the rain
  • Ready
  • Party

Om the end  there is a Malay English and English Malay vocabulary of the words used in this book together with the reference page

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