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Malaysia in brief 1991

Malaysia in brief 1991

This is a  book  the counsel of Malaysia has given me on 1995 when we started a ‘cooperation’  together  with some other interesting promo  stuff of that time .
That included  also  two video tapes a dictionary (McMillan’s eng – mal & mal- eng ) and some more  promo material (leaflets of the country , from Melaka , Perak etc  the map of Malaysia and a flag )

This  book written in ‘landscape’ paper format  is a small comprehensive guide of Malaysia  of my  early times of interest . Don’t forget  my interest in this country started  from 1989/90 but  my engagement with the consul was on 95

The first chapter deals with the country . Around 4830 km are the the coasts , Climate is influenced from Indian ocean and th S china sea , and 61 % are rain  forest s wth more than 15000 species pf plants  about 6000 are tree species The 13 states  are referred with area population capital and as short description

There is a  short history of the country in ca 13 pages (quite short regarding to other  travel books but surely lacks  the most important news tat made after 1997 etc )

Third  chapter (people )discusses to the  languages(more than 9 are referred )  religion  holidays and festivals

4th chpoter refers to te government of that  time (Sultan Azlan Shah , Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Bainun , Prime Minister – quite young there! Mahathir Mohamad and deputy Prime Minister Ab Ghafar Baba  but photos  remind me a bit of 60s ….) . Some little  information are referred in constitution , parliament (180 members) Judiciary , Administration ,Defense , foreign relation . Rukunegara (national ideology )and National Anthem are also noticed together with its pentagram with translation and the Malay crest and flag

Economy chapter is more detailed with 30 pages. Rubber, tin , timber , palm oil , cocoa , pepper , petroleum, other crops are  the material exported . Fish unfortunately are imported MIDA FELDA  UDA  SEDCS MARA etc are the  government institutions with some minor detail

Development  chapter (6th) analyzes the NEP – new economic policy throughout 70 and then , in six plans

Finance chapter  refers to bank Negara Malaysia  the ringgit (the strongest  currency  of the world )with exchange control , rates as oof 31/5/91 , the income tax other banks and finance  institutions

Sicial services: (8)  refers to education , edu media services together with Edu TV and Audio visual aids , Health services social security

Mass media (9) : Dep’t of broadcasting , Suara Malaysia with  full broadcasting schedule (now extinct as now only RTM Sarawak is transmitted via short waves ) TV (started on 63 in B/W and on 78 in color )

Communications (chapter 10 ) deals with telecoms 1.2 million subscribers on 1988 , postal services (‘the most efficient in the world’)  aviation with list  of the  cities covered by Malaysia Airlines (as of 1991 ), shipping , railways (ca 1300 km) and 39000 km of roads with ca 5 million vehicles on that time

Arts (chapter 11 ): music dance , waang kulit, makyong menora , diokir barat , amateur theatre ,
Sports games : referred to badminton , football with separate info on sepak raga , main gasing , wau (kites)  and silat (are of self defense )

National attractions  refers  to national monument , national museum , national mosque , zoo Negara , stadium merdeka , batu caves among others

IN travel formalities (part 14 )refer to passports ( must be valid at least 6 months beyond the period of stay in Malaysia ) and some exemptions referred , visa requirements There is also a list of goods exempted : wine .spirits below 1 litre , tobacco cigaretes matches

Chapter 15 has a full listing of representations  of Malaysia overseas . Uncommonly Greece  is referred under he auspices of Germany ambassador , but more recently as the counsel  says  we are now  communicated with the Romanian  embassy !! 

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