Sunday, October 12, 2014

The tower room /Adele Geras

The tower  room
By Adele Geras

This is the second book  Daphne Lee s  ‘Malaysian tales’  is  based or inspired for he Malay team to write the  Malay tales retold and remixed

As  I found in the net , Adele Geras  , writes books  aimed for children . This book is loosely  based on the Rapunzel story. 3  teens  living in a room in a tower describing their  adventures .  Till the  main character of the story  finds the love and then ….(you many read the book  for more! )

This book  uses   easy and simple language  though on the start about 7 words out of 500 were unknown to me (but thanks to the tablet  the task  was  quite easy )and the pages  were easily read in less than 10 minutes per page together  with the translation . On the start od the story I was  checking mostly the language  but near to the end  as the story goes  to the  top of the interest , I was then based nearly stopped looking at the text and followed by the  story till he end of  it 
But i dont think that the story is suitable  for young children. It is  possibly more suitable  for teens  .And gets  close to what we call here 'harlequin' (ie romantic ) stories

The story  was indeed  interesting in the start , btu on the end I was    quite worrisome to know what finally happens! 

The book has been read in just 2 days . The size is 120 pages 

my rating 4/5 

PS: this is  the first part of a trilogy The series (i ordered recently and expecting  soon )consits  of these stories based loosley : 
1- Tower room =  losely on Rapunzel 
2- Watching the roses = modern version of Sleeping beauty
3- Pictures of the night, a retell of snow white

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