Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book review : Toxic people by Lilian Glass

Toxic people

This is another book found in my self-help collection from the older times.

Mr Glass in this book makes a partial remake or possibly follow up of her  Verbal Self defense  but seems more specific regarding to the other book as it goes closely to toxic persons  that defending in general
ON the start  the book  deals with all characteristics (more  than 120! )that  imply in a toxic person then it analyses  the behavior and on how you can understand of a person is toxic  from the discussions you may have. 

The techniques it describes  are identical to the other book  with possibly less wording and then on how to cope with them , using a series of strategies referred in the previous chapter (8)

All remain chapters on the end ,which are  mostly  for motivation,  seem  not to have any relation with the defense book but hey seem to me quite interesting as well as  moving .
What  I loved in this book are  he stories  she noticed. Some of them  are relatively funny  but some of them are moving

Even  the wording is somehow funny . As for  example : klutz , emotional refrigerator , gloom and doom , jokester

MY rating : 4/5 (mostly  for the end chapters )

Here is a index :

  1. Is there a  toxic person in your life ?
  2. Toxic behavior
  3. What makes toxic people act the way they do
  4. Identifying the toxic people in your life
  5. The 30 types pf toxic terrors
  6. 10 types of handling toxic people
  7. Techniques of handling types of toxic terrors
  8. Choose he tech based on the persons role
  9. Dealing with the anger and hurt of a toxic relationship
  10. He importance of of outward self toxic image inventory
  11. Revitalizing the toxic relationship
  12. Get on with your life

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