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The bloody chamber by Angela Carter : review

The bloody chamber

BY Angela carter

This book  is the one of the two books of Daphne Lee inspired to write together with a team of  good Malaysian writers the book Malaysian tales remixed and retold  (

The book  is like a remix of older mostly known tales as red riding hood , snow white   in a total  of 8 mini stories in  a very different way than the original It is noticed by revidewers that the stries here set   a new position on the young females , in a rather wining form .carter also noticed that she was a feminist

Unfortunately  the language  is very difficult . For example a text of just 70 lines  has abt 40 unknown lemmas . That made me lose abt  30 minutes to  identify  all these  lemmas and lose finally the text .And ten i had to read the tex t about two times agin to get the meaning of the story

I have  found a site  that used relatively  easier language that  analyzed  each story in brief  , ie ca 10 lines   per story , as well as  a separate page for each story . As I understood  all stories are absolutely  not for children . All stories  mix devils , aglu wolfs e

It was  nice that there was a  Greek edition  of the book . The book was out of print wit the publisher suspended  operations  several years  ago. he most impressive , was  that a  small bookstore could find it and deliver it in just 3 days . NOne of the big chain stores could do anything for it ! The  cost of the book is E17 

Here are the stories  mentioned in both obooks ;
The bloody chamber basd on Blue bird - this is the longest story of the book  

Coutrhip of Mt Lyon 
Tiger's bride                 both based on beast and beauty 
Puss in  boots (same as the original 
Erl King (nordic stories )
Snow Child (loosely on snow white )
Were wolf 
Group of wolves
Wolf alice      These 3 base don redd riding hood 

If you are interested  in extensive revew or analysis on this book find here

The only i can comment oin this book , mostly from the  Greek edition is hat the  language is very picturesque into an impressive text

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