Sunday, October 19, 2014

Collins GEM Boidy Language

A old collective  book I m not 100 sure on when i bought it but  seems at least since 2000 , at last the  time it was republished and  bought   that time from  the local market of a  cost of ca 2500 drs  or 8.5 Eu .(price listed is GBP 5.5 )

This a a  8.8 x 11 cm  pocket book.

This book is highly a  pictorial with  nearly full of pictures in its nearly 200 pages

Its size is very practical and always handy to use. Very nice  text and  easy to understand. The pictures as you see help the  user very much and simplify  him to get the message immediately.

Here is a description of the chapters included  . There are  also two : guide to actions and list by emotions
  1. Discover body language
  2. Expression and gestures
  3. Getting together
  4. Meetings and parting
  5. Being positive
  6. Being negative
  7. Signs of conflict
  8. Domination and defensiveness
  9. Tension  relaxation
  10. Concerning deceit
  11. Animal gestures

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