Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Coping With Difficult People

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Coping With Difficult People
by Arlene Matthews Uhl

As usually  these series of idiot guides  are determined  to use a rather funny language . However this book is  rather not so funny , unless  you read  in a different  way and laugh a bit

This book instead of the book of Glass  seems as like a …dissertation. His language is rather complex and sophisticated that made me lost much time to identify the unknown words which are about 6-8 per page in  a text of ca 700 words per page . The author is a psychiatrist who tries to explain a story in rather simple way but still  for me my vocabulary is rather  poor as already noticed
In the text  there are not only definitions inside the text but also found at the end of the book before the word index

The text boxes   has nearly the usual  form of Idiot’s  , this time as:

  1. Disarmer (maneuvers )
  2. Man hole (alerts)
  3. Tactics (mini stories  pf help )
  4. Definitions (explanations )

But anyway the information  is quite good and analytical with good ideas nearly rady to use

Rating 3/5  due to  my poor  vocabulary and the time required to  read it

Here is a  table of  contents

Part A  ABC of DP

  • They are everywhere or so it seems
  • Identifying difficult person
  • Basic self protective strategies

Self absorbed
  • It s all about me
  • Coping with the self absorbed in relationships
  • Relating to  the self-absorbed in relationships
  • What to do about public narcissists

  • All about control freaks
  • Coping with controllers  at work
  • Controlling yourself in relationship controllers
  • Responding to controllers at large

The obstructionists
  • ALL about obstructionists
  • Getting post obstructionists at work
  • Handling relationship with obstructionists
  • Surviving social obstructionists

The truly toxic
  • Crossing the line
  • Responding the ruthless at work
  • Defending yourself abusive relationship
  • Reacting for dangerous strangers

Advanced attitude adjustments
  • Dealing with combination types
  • When nice people have difficult days
  • Learning from difficult people
  • Don’t be difficult

Glossary (all definitions here accumulated )
Further reading

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