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review : Nasty People by Jay Carter

Nasty People

Aka the invalidator

 by Jay carter

“The invalidator” as it was to be called  is a small 100 page book written by  Jay Carter 20 years ago and is specialized to  what some would call cyclothymiac or people who say this time  something now and after sometime  refute  As rather all these  people are like Hitler , ie little  Hitlers  who always try to find ways n how to manipulate you and  then you feel no only bad but also  lose your temper  mood and finally  you get into demise and get sometimes into suicide at least  psychologically.

This book  uses a rather  strange and “ill mannered” language . in several cases  you may think that you are also a  nasty person  as the persons he describes …  The wording in most is rather simple though in the start  of the book  I had about 5-7 unknown words in a rather sparse text

Here is a  short description of the book . If you are interested  in more in depth analysis you can see here   which is in 5 parts ,based  from this book

Part 1  characteristics of the invalidator
uncertainty : you feel unsure
projection; giving a fault of him against other people
judgment : criticism for really  nothing
manipulation :
sneak attack: the bad use of but
double message : an expression  of obscure meaning
cutting communication : stopping the  discussion in the middle when you speak
double bind : you play you lose , I play you lose  too

Part 2 the bigger picture :
characteristic and origins that effect the personality of such a person
the archetype : ie elements of a  personality
identifying  a invalidator : “ if you see ego , arrogance , sense of entitlement , narcissism , be wary of invalidator” is a expression from the  book

Part 3 Victim
There is a  picture of how a  victim is destroyed by an invalidator

Part 4 Cycle of  invalidation
Taking a first person toa bully and giving some ideas on how to suspend baing as is
A table shows on how invalidation is contagious

Part 5 What do we do about
Confront , repetition give the truth , mirror  the projection

Part 6 to invalidation :a mechanism
Here the author makes a  open dialogue against the  invalidation as like it was  a person !

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