Sunday, September 28, 2014

Verbal Judo (my verbal defense series #3 )

Verbal Judo   

 With  comparisons  to tongue fu book

Verbal judo is  now the number 3 book in the series  ordered  via amazon as the remain.

The book  is smaller and  thinner than the tongue fu with ca 180 pages
I started reading the book together with making notices in Greek but soon I stopped noticing as  most of the start of the book was  filled by his stories as a cop  and was quite boring to me . 

The first interesting part  was after chapter 9 and still  with little  or less than little  interest , comparing to the  Sam  Horn's  book . I  found that the book repeats  sometimes the same thing , which makes me rather disappointed. But  more interesting is after chapter 12 as these  chapters give more essential  information  with more difficult situations than  someone will cope in the real life than a cop. But some of the tips  he gives  ar mostly for the American   cop or person as for example the  way  of stripping words . That can't be made in the Greek  reality unless adapted . But most  of his tips  need some  cultivation in order to be  used in practical  basis , something that tongue fu-ism gives for immediate  acting

The book  uses  rather simple language , with easy to read text and  rather fast reading  even for me who am using English  as second language with about 3-9 max unknown words  to me per page  . IN contrast tongue Fu  was little more difficult  with more unknown words in a  less text per page. The reason  is that Verbal Judo had  smaller font (Times  10 ) comparing to  tongue Fu (seems  as Georgia 12 ) . 

My rating: 3/5

Here is a contents listing:

  1. Birth of a communication samurai
  2. Motivating the disagreeable
  3. Baptism or fire
  4. Taking crap with dignity
  5. The nice the difficult  the wimp [his definition of human styles  wimp is the most difficult ]
  6. 11 things never to say to anyone (and how to respond )
  7. The crucible of the street
  8. The  most powerful  word of the English lang
  9. The greatest speech you ll ever live to regret
  10. The only way to interrupt people
  11. Verbal jusdo versus verbal karate
  12. The five  step hard style
  13. The 1  great comm  art : representation
  14. The 2 great comm art  translation
  15. The 3 great comm art : mediation
  16. What makes this all so difficult
  17. Reading  ritin and rhetoric
  18. How to diagnose a verbal encounter
  19. The language   of reassurance
  20. How to fight fair
  21. Take  the giant LEAPS [ his method for voluntary compliance ]
  22. Applying Leaps  to your world
  23. Persuasion for fun and profit
  24. The misunderstood motivator
  25. You can punish without drawing blood
  26. Dancing when you might have stumbled
  27. Verbal judo as automatic response
  28. Final chapter : the five truths that fit all  [this is a chapter not written in the fist edition and put here after the author has died ]

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