Friday, September 19, 2014

Dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people

 by Brinkman

One of  my books of management the older  times which is actually  a booklet with only 50 pages
The book  uses simple language with just 2 pages per chapter
At first  it shows a very brief description of the most 10 common behaviors (who did this separation ? I found many page using the same separation as well  many of the pages of the book were in full in the internet

  • The list of behaviors is : Tank , sniper , grenade , known it all , think know it all , yes man , no man , nothing man , maybe man and whiner

There is also a grid shown  the 4 categories between the  manager’s or employees’ intents versus tasks . 

The basic categories  are

  • Get the job done
  • Get the task right
  • Get along with people
  • Get appreciation from people.

For each person  there  are some easy to follow strategies with a separate  chapter  for each  character

As in result  this guide is too concise referring to only the most  important material for very busy managers

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