Friday, September 12, 2014

Book : The lion city and other tales

This book is one of my older Malay stories books aimed mostly for children

It is a A5  sized book with bt 90 pages with  totaly 12  tales , each of the story  consists also of illustrations 

The language is very easy  to me with very few unknown words but is easily understandable so the dictionary is not necessary

Her is a  listing of the tales
  • The boy with the  green  eyes 
  • Kamut's story 
  • The two thieves 
  • The  pheasant and the  crow 
  • How the mouse-deer outwitted  the tiger 
  • The lion city 
  • Why the buffalo and the  monkey became friends
  • The story of Mat Janin
  • The bear 
  • The  day hat the sky fell down 
  • Pa Kadok's story 
  • Buaya  the  crocodile 

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