Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sticks and stones book by Ace Collins

This is one of my older behavior books written y a columnist and supposedly a bestselling author in the USA . As noticed in his web page is is author of many books related to religious subjects, possibly speaker and so on 
As you may know the full expression is sticks and stones can stick my bones but wiords  don’t hurt me. This book  is involved into the power of the words and indirectly into  practical psychology. 
The contents of the book are as follows:
-          Taking to yourself
-          Write down
-          Saying thanks
-          Greetings
-          I don’t know  what to say
-          Expressing emotions
-          Paying attention
-          Sharing the word
-          Positive coach
-          I  was  wrong
-          Should be so forward
-          News and texting
-          Prayer and praise

IN each section Ace  fllls  the text with many examples from  his life including some very vivid well known stories (I was move to read  the story of Handel on how he made his last symphony after all his friends  left him )

An easy  to read book , using conversational English  with minimal non-dictionary to me . Just a book with all the rather known techniques coded to one boo.
Rating : 3/5

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