Friday, January 4, 2008

A short description of myself today

Many of you already know that I am a DXer , i.e. radio listener specialized for more difficult receptions. Several of you possibly read my Geocities page concerning my history in telecoms.If not please visit that page
Here i will try in very short to describe my todays 'non-business' activities

  • Being as photo reporter. MY mother was processing photos on 60s on the family photo service /store on Katerini , 60 km D of Thessaloniki.
    I am doing semiofficial photo reporting for the Odeum of Litohoron , in which my parents are members. LItohoron is also father's birth place.
    I have bought on 2002 a Olympus C220 2 MP camera .Last year I have bought a Nikon D50 camera that later has been upgraded with a Tamron 55-200 lens which recently has been replaced with a Tamron 18-200 lens
    The Olympus C220 is for everyday use but recently has been damaged a bit as the battery lid has been broken
  • Doing 'DX' : finding a open time window on ca0500 UTC to ca 0520 and after 1300 UTC
  • Doing news sharing. There are three groups i share news, two of them are for radio and technology , that include a bunch of about 13 RSS sources
  • and doing blogging .... The material collected from the above two first items are uploaded to my sites

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