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Another possibly different new years eve

Notice: The times listed here are UTC (ie 2 hours less than the local time )

As you might see from my last year’s posting , the New year's eve , was with much of radio , DXing and satellite TV watching then visiting the waited but not realized , festival of New year on the centre of Thessaloniki

This year was quite different than last year.

At first , I was working this year until 1200 o clock but really there was really nothing special on office and local buildings were vacant from people. This is what we call in Greece , ‘we and the walls‘. Waiting to take my parents from the house , located nearby, (ca 1 km far from my work place) I asked my father who was outside , what they could do. He advised me to leave and return my home , as I did . My wife was waiting for me there.

Last year’s eve we both were not at work

At the other site , I already knew that nothing would be done on the night with the festical. Instead of it , the festival started from the noon of 31.12 till ca 20 Local times , as the bars and music halls requested it (as an unrelated person told me , do they lose their customers? I don’t believe it … )

In the house ,after preparing the necessary things for the night , I was DXing at fist Cuba and tried to listen to Venezuela via Cuba . the program from Cuba seemed quite interesting but Venezuela could not be heard

Prior to this , the previous day , I have collected material from the Hard Core DX mailing list , the last dx window and the Kanto DX group and printed in my favorite booklet format and on the free time in the office I have marked her most interesting logs to check for myself

Again the pirate station on 6878 was back in the freq and also heard a bit

Looking for the possible program from NHK as I did last year , on 9750 on 1500 and afterwards I have heard the voice of Islam from Malaysia with Islamic preaches that time . It passed the TOH with time clock and news , and later has been heard with a short overview of 2007

Doing this , I lost watching the JSTV satellite TV program. Instead I turned on the sat system on 1556 (ie my Dreambox sat receiver ) and tuned into the CCTV4 from China on the Hotbird satellite with an always spectacular music program that was in parallel to CCTV9

Sometime afterwards my parents have been arrived at our home.

This year , as before, the program consisted with pop and folklore songs from china but there was also a singer with a bamar song . It ended however on ca 1610

Doing this I also missed the opportunity to listen to a Chinese radio station with its usual gongs at the year change and the talks by someone a little later …..

At 1700 I watched the year change in Thailand leaving Korea ‘s Arirang out. N contrast to last year’s canned program , the thai program aired from the central park the live show in a ‘sea audience ‘ consisting of more than 100000 people , with many fireworks after the top of hour

At ca 1900 I changed to the Kazakh channel Kaspionet which was again my favorite program for that day and left it there , while most time , the there families , us, my parents and my wife parents were together expecting the new year on the parents-in-law house that s located over ours .

I was again impressed with their (kaspionet ) program : in few words , the program I watched as 19-20 with a concert with a possibly Kazakh diva aged about 45 years (did not found her name ) but program was possibly quite old as the style of the songs was quite old . At 20-2030 there were pop songs i in Russian , 2045- 2100 from a children concert with mostly classic music /operas and on 2200 a mix-up of pops and folks in Kazakh and Russian language

ON 2000 we changed the program to AZ TV and Lider both from Azerbaican. I was a bit impressed with AZTV’s year change with the fireworks of more than 15 minutes duration and more than 100000 people attending on a big square under a big tree of ca 20-25 meters full of lamps. The on off lamps by the current formed a ring the gone upwards /downwards and then formed vertical lines turned rightwards or leftwards having the tree’s top as its main centre. The Music program was canned with only beats

LIder on the other site played old western pop songs from video clips.

At 2100 I saw together with my father the year change in Russia and Turkey. Prvvi program from Russia had a mixed up program with songs and mini sketches. before and after the time change . Turkey on the other side had semi traditional or folk songs.
We looked on the Russian program for the year change. As in the previous year the cameras were hooting on the big clock on the Kremlin that reached the time then a the national anthem was played showing the exceptional buildings of Kremlin .After the anthem ended the program was retuned to its mix-up with again pop songs etc . My father was a little disappointed expecting to listen to more folkloric styles

I again changes the channel to Kaspionet and little after we gone not the apartment of my in laws. At some time I received a call from a friend wishing us the best , and immediately called another friend for meeting him after the year change. He welcomes my idea indeed and was awaiting for our next telephone call

On the above picture the left pie is the pie made by my wife the right by my mom in law

ON 2200 there was the time change .Instead of watching the change in the television, hat was tune to the Ant1 TV ,and its program Deal (betting for up to €300000 ) , we heard fire cracks from outside the house. Living at a very high point , with visibility up to 40 km there were more than 15 points with fireworks.

As per the ethic , we exchanged kisses and greetings and he father in law opened a champagne that was shared to all of us – 8 persons .

the time we exchanged greetings and cheerios

Then we cut the Vasilopita (new year’s cake ) that was shared among all of us. Again my father in law together with the cooperation of his wife cut the cake and then shared it

AS per custom in one of these pieces there was a coin that symbolizes the lucky person. This year my wife has won it.In the picture below you see the coins inside the pie

The time has passed 2230 and then I was to call he friend for the meting . But he was sleeping. Sad but also lucky , as we both the same time were on a little bad health – with cough and catarrh. Though my wife was on the hurry to get out , we finally did not gone out . Instead I watched a little bit more year change , this time from Italy and Germany , by tuning to RAI 1 and ZDF.ZDF was a bit more interesting from the live program of RAI showing again fireworks. RAI instead had a live show.

……..time passes ………

On noon 1.1.18 and the table is nearly ready for the celebrating the new year and also my mother in law ‘s name (Vasiliki ) On he table is now the Vasilopita (= meat pie, verbatim the pie of Vasilis / Bill ) made thoroughly by my mother with meat from meat from Litohoron.

He The pie has been cut by my father , the oldest person of all families together. I also swithed on the satellite system, to look into the Vienna philharmonic via the ZDF , Germany but as the time was a bit later we listened to the the end of the program

All families on the table !

The pie had also a coin which I awarded. It is on the right cornet of the plate inside a metal foil

And that is the story of that day …

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