Friday, January 4, 2008

The reason to use Blogger

Hello to  all
As you will see i an m using a new  service  from the start of January 2008
Someone  knowing me will ask , Ohh why another blogger?

The reason is quite simple , that you possibly do not know:
  1. I am using  Google services at least two years  ago. I use it for the RSS  reader as well as  for  making searches , but not for email , as i am using  my main off line mailer Pegasus . I think that integrating a litle more , will be slightly  better
  2. My aim is to use it as  secondary blogging system , transferring  my older postings from Geocities and  Multiply  into a more interactive web pageie with feedback from you . AS you will see , i already have uploaded  the SINPO page from Geocities. The Geocities  site is just an  old kind of web pages  that does not offer any feedback.Neither Multiply offers , though web 2 type site, the ability  for non members to post any feedback , unless they set up an account
  3. And possibly a more audience regarding  to Multiply  site. As for the  moment my  network  there  is quite  short  of,  with just 6 persons from the radio  field and more than 100 persosn from the Malaysian  network
  4. Radio subjects  as well gadgets i own will be reviewed here, and will be the  primary  blogging and aim for this page . There will be also links  related to other activities I do in Multiply , including photo reports
This is my aim for the moment . Possibly there will be several postings unrelated to  my Multiply  page

Now from dec 1 2012  this site will be the primary blogging site. Multply will close its social network  

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