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Logs made on 31.1.7 to 4.1.8

Here is my full radio log list the previous days 31/1 to 4.1 based on material cached from DX Window , HCDX mailing list , Iwata Gaku and VT communications listing , including radio scanning . Separate , by day logs are already been posted on 128 and 129 with some exceptional logs separately (as Radio Svitle /Emmanuel and R Largoz fr the moment )

This is one time only and will be remade only in cases of exceptional cases as in this ‘DXpedition’.
This time it was my period of 'vacations'

Notices: cland > country means towards that country
[non] means not originated from that country,but brokered

Algeria [non] 9455 2018 presume Algeria , talks by OM , an acapella song . OM about Quran , man preaching over drum play . Quran till 2042, many talks after. Signal mixed with Firedrake and a Chinese lang station but Algeria(p) tapped them at 95% per reception time Liangas presume 1.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Algeria non 9455 RTAlgeria 19++ //11815 with Islamic prg . signal is S9+20 but partially QRMed by a PP station a. ON 11815 the signal is so poor that RBC Brazil on its S7 signal can easily cover it. Also 5110//9850 on 2110 with signals S10/S3 respectively Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

AUSTRALIA 9475 RA 1515+ discussions /phone ins 1517 with songs S3 best on LSB Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

BAHRAIN 9744.6 Bahrain 1443 with marginal signal and Arabic songs Man mentioning something as "al ustebed kel arabia' then back to Arabic songs Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

BELGIUM 9970 RTBF with song "Hallo Papa Tango Charlie" in a pop remix format and French lyrics . Signal S10 This song makes me very nice memories!..... Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

BYELORUSSIA 7235 BLR at 0855 with a guitar play , 0857 a song from Space I think 'Magic fly' 0858 OM ".... reklama"0900 news by YL till 0905? 0907 with pop song by YL 0910+ talks and discussions by two at least YL Signal here is S4 max 35433 Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

CHINA 6130 Xizang 1404 with 'Chinese' songs (seem as Chinese!! ) with talks in TB. Japan song on 1420 S7 33433 //7385 also good Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

China 7185 Firedrake mixed with R Taiwan Intl as per EiBI listing marginal for both at that time .. Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

CHINA 9890 //4800 XJPBS in Uighur with S6 max ob 1507 35423 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

CHINA 9930 Firedrake jammer on 1439 against possibly a N Korean cland . DO Chinese cooperate with N Korea? Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

CHINA? 12055 XJPBS (?) talks in Kazakh on 09++ , Chinese on 1010 . S7 on 2x16 m Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland > ETH (VT)12015 R Meselna Delina 1828 with a hilife song stopped on 182920 and IDing as WHRI . At 182955 with prog in Arabic abt reading the testament . returning back on 1839 heard WHRI in English !!! signal S9 34333 Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

cland > korea (via TWN) 9795 CMI /V Wilderness 2009 heard OM in Korean lang. Marginal signal Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

cland > Korea 5965 Shiokaze 2244 hear with JJ talks signal S4 better in LSB to avoid ute QRM Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

cland > korean (via TWN ) 9645 F NKOREA 2012& 2033 CRI? . On 2040 QRMed by Bandeirantes Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland > Turkey 7540 Mesopotamia 1946 OM with talks . several mentions on Kurd on 1948 , irtan , turke , under a discussion /interview that passed 2000. Prior to 1930 there was nothing or 7545 was so strong that neither a carrier could be detected...Fair signal Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland >IRAQ? 6335 V Iraqi Kurdistan 1244 with talks by OM + YL in not so clear Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

cland >Korea (via Russia) 7510 FNKR 2000 with talks in Korean by OM and YL over instrumental music . mentioning yongyiyul on 2004 . A koran pop song on ca2030 'love you' Signal S9 Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland >N KOR 9820 Nihon no kaze 1711 heard with marginal signal , just above the noise floor , with talks in Korean , S0 or S2 with preamp on Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland >Sudan via RUSS 9840 Sudan R S 1604 YL with talks in a language mixed of Arabic and locals mentioning US aid, BBC Darfur. A report in VN on 1609 , 1612 mixed with song . Max S9 min S7 44434 Then 1703 in Shiluk language using transmitter from UAE and quite fading signal with maximum level S5 and SINPO 34232 . re-tested on 1733 but WHRI is on the freq

Cland >TUR 11530 V Mesopotamia 1120 YL with short news or comments and short musical breaks in between. Music on 1122 25232 S4 max Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland SVK >ETH? 9825 Miraya FM 1606 with OM IDig 'r miraya' in Arabic . many talks after , 33423 max S5 . ON 1630 nearly no signal!! Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland via VT 4880 /7125 SWR Africa on 1717 with hilife songs. 4880 was nearly clar all the time except 1930+ (from Mossad in its USB) while 7125 was all time covered by possibly R Vatican in Turkish on 17+ Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland? S AFRICA >?? 11890 Okapi 1612 talks by YL in French . political news about a minister of foreign relation , a delegation , kannanga kampala , IDing R Okapi , Congo Kenya etc signal level S9+20!! and same level on 1641 with ID and talks in VN Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland> N KOR 9730 supposed FN Korea 1003+ , heard YL talking on Korean ,discussions on 1025 . signal however is marginal at its maximum Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland>N KOR 9940 V Wilderness 1304 is not RXed due to IRIB with S6 Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

CUBA 11999.96 RHC 1230 OM with political / diplomatic talks in SS, many mentions on Cuba and reports . Co ch QRM with carrier on +200 HZ . better on LSB to avoid a bit of QRM S3-4 22432 Also 3.1 wth S5, 32x32 best SSB qrmed by carrier with news in spanish. ON 1400 heard ID and 'ora de Cuba' Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

DJIBOUTI 4780 RTV Djibouti music and YL talking in AR S5 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

EGYPT 9250 R nile on 1845 with Sudan type Arabic songs , ID as Idaatu Nil .. min al Kahira' @184750 then YL into talking. tested to listen to //1106 but covered by a Serbian station signal S9 45544 Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

ETH 9559.12 R Ethiopia ? at 1615 with folk music . at 1636 with talks (news? ) in english ith 1638 a short music interval . carrier seems QSYing : on 1649 carrier was on 9558.98 . Signal is poor at S3 having terrible QRM from 9565 VoA Swahili(?)Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

GABON 4777 Radio Gabon S7 talks in FF 4x434 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

GREECE 6230 Era Sport 105.8 spur or mid-product , with ID and sports talks on 1355 . S5 33443 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

KOREA 6250 //6398 heard as early as 1328 with signal S2 with operas Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

LIBYA 17725 LIBYA in Swahili on 1200 with talks by several men IDing on 1206 and providing emails and webs as New ID as "Sawti Africa " S4 , 35333 Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Lithuania 6255 mighty KBC (?) was on 2158 with self adverts and pop music and but program on 2201 was religious, with someone asking money to send to the recipients a book. back on 2228 with the correct program of KBC Signal S9 amd slight QRM from 6250 (Iran?) Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

MAURITANIE 4845 0500 talks in Arabic , 'iD huna mauritania" etc country mentions S7 35243 QRN lightings Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

MEXICO 9599.36 UNAM 2210 surprised to find this station here. with only classical music at all the program I listened till 2233. Marginal signal with peaks very 2 seconds gradually increased to a S14321 level for 2230 . Better in AM Narrow to decrease somehow the local QRN. Rechecked on 0130/5.1 but there was a Arabic station Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

M'SIA 7295 TRaxx FM 1525 with pop songs S3 in a clear freq Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

M'SIA 9750 V of Islam 1459 OM with quranic preaches , with slight QRM from NHK-JP . At TOH with clock sound hen YK in ML with news . 24232.ON 1538 YL reviewing a calendar of 2007. Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

Number /spy station 5898 Spanish , with 5fgs at 0817 S6 35343 Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

OMAN? 15140 R Oman with news in English on 1430 . News abt Bulgaria , Ukraine. Pop sog on 1438 S5 over much QRM coning from 15130 (S30!! ) signal passed 1545 with songs Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

PHILS? 11510 OM in a Pilipino styled language (WYFR /Tagalog per Eibi /Kazakhstan )on 1111 with religious talks , mentions on spiritus , santo , Pablo etc Singal S7 max , 34232

PHILS??? 11705 VOA Phils ?? 1220 talks by OM in American accented EG. Marginal signal . when trying to listen RN venezuela via Cuba Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

Pirate ITALY ? 6880 power FM relayer , with pop songs, singed off 1425 and QSYed to 6878 Marginal Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

Pirate 6270 R 'Eastfort ' 0510 with song of Queen (mama mia ) max S7 24242 , 0031645..26..0 ID in NL and EG mentioning also 6240 .Slow fading Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

PMR 7370 R PMR 1715 ID by YL providing news . quite difficult reception due to Firedrake 's strong signal S20 , over PMR's S3 even using USB . On 1832 in german with max S9 while firedrake left out.44534 but low quality audio Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

RUSSIA/Tatarstan 11915 trying to listen to Tatarstan Awazy , there was a carrier QRMed with china's CNR1?? at S2ON 0930 with S10 in Tatar followed by a Tatar song Discussions on 0938 .45434. Lang seems as Kazakh . Also S9 on 5.1.8 with a poem type by YL Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Rwanda 6055 R Rwanda 2105 with pop / hilife songs . recheck on 2130 QRM by Romania and 2210 Nikkei (per aoki ) was on the freq. Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

SERBIA 7240 V of Serbia 1300 afer IS , YL in Serbian with ID and news S10 , 43443 Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

SKN (?)9805 HCJB 1722 OM with many mentions on Yisus, svobodnye, hlyudi and later with traditional style (religious? ) songs signal S10 44544 with DRM under Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

spur 6295 , talks in Turkish , imam on 0508 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

SRI LANKA 11750 SLBC 1618 Tamil / Sinhala songs. At phone-in on 1625 hen mostly wirth songs S9 ON 1645 s strong buzzer destroyed reception Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

SRI LANKA 11905 SLBC 1455 with old Hindi songs S2 and 25132 .Presume on 3.1 with Tamil on 1030 with Hindi and Tamil songs with S5 and 32432 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

TANZANIA 11735 R Tanzania Zanzibar 1855 with Arabic type songs lead by drums with something toad as 'al islar' YL talking about Islam then IDing as R Tanzania Zanzibar , 185710 quranic preaches by a priest and child followers !!. ID on 185930 . good signal Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

UAE >AFG 9875 Solh 1503 mixed with DRM. ID at 150504 Solh's signal at S10-20 covered the DR<>

UAE >AFG 15265 Solh 1413 with Bolly &pop Hindi song Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

UAE 9590 TWR (p) 1808 in Amharic with talks by OM and possibly hte with psalm S7-9 34323 Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

USA? 6225 Family radio 1428? open brums , advert on bible resources . ID as family radio and giving address.ON 3.1 and 1406 again best on LSB due to digital stream on 6226 S7 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

USA? 6915 Family radio 0519 relig talks S8 45544 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

USA? 9840 WHRI 1733 adn 1752 IDing as R Caroline with nice pop and rock songs, providing on 1752 adress , phone ..10110.. . ID as WHRI on 1759 then YL welcoming to the program Better on LSB Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

UZBEKISTAN 7365 FEBA 1409 talks by OM in Urdu - per DXLD - ,on a song man starting in ENg then in urdu- S5 max 33433 Liangas 3.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

VATICAN 9310 Vatican radio 1509 after IS with prg in IND with Laudetur J C , mangeshkar, sitar play etc . S3-4 24332 Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

Vietnam non (via RU)5955 V o Vietnam 1801 with prg in English , mentioning about Vietnam, an their politics and contributions to Kosovo and Darfur. Little QRM from 5960 possibly TRT turkey. Signal S20 Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

YEMEN 6135 Republic of Yemen Radio 1407 with Arabic songs . 1408 with immediate quranic verses discussion between OM/YL (a theatrical way ) over instrumental music, 141350 back to quranic sermons S9 45544 , Liangas 31.12.07 Thessaloniki Greece

ZAMBIA 13650 CVC Makeni 1653 with pp songs , YL with ID address in India then with R&B Song . S5-7 35333 Liangas 4.1.8 Thessaloniki Greece

Quite big listing , huh?

I tried to be as accurate as possible , but in case there are any errors please let me know .

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