Friday, January 22, 2016

Writers block : What is that?

A totally  different article this time enough

You  surely know that i am a  amateur blogger, with more particulary  writing   technical and radio  articles  .

What you dont know is that  since last year (mid 14 ) i have started to write books starting from tales . Some samples of this were posted in my blog page under  the tag These are  my first endeavors in fiction and versions of  tales It is a subpage which  was not so much advertised so far in the social media .

All  these ideas came  after reading  a  Malay book called  "Malay tales  revised and retold " by Daphne Lee a Chinese writer from Malaysia   .  This  book  inspired me to modify and  play with older stories in a more  contemporary way.  For example  I wrote the 'red riding hood' into a story of a girl  who has two unlucky occasions  while on  her road to her  aunt's house  (someone stolen her bag for example ) and took  her aunt into a hospital .Since then i have shown  more interest in making new stories some bad some good with the  way  later to compile them into a book. ON 2014   i have made about 10  stories, written in both  Greek and English separately and started  a  "series of series"  of stories under a  main title which is still in the process. Small  part of it  has  been writen in English, It iwll be disclosed as time, conditions and mood permits.

On 2014  I had devised only 20 stories in total for the  whole year starting from April . In 2015  the stories  raised to 60  in just two months ! Since  Sept 15 the time  I started typing these stories  the newer stories since then  became lengthier and lengthier  from condensed 15 pages and up.  There are some but few exemptions with stories less than 10 pages.
So this is  true: writing makes  more writing !

Doing this i also had sometimes writer's block but i very easily overcame it in less than one day or even few hours,   Here is on how  i did  it.   I mention here  also some  hints of how  i was more inspired with  new ideas /stories :

1.Listening to the music . Most of you here  know that  my main interest is in Malay music and heavy /thrash metal  . On 2014  most ideas were inspired  by listening to the beauty of the 'westernized' Malay music  from my top  station RTM Sarawak in shortwaves or  9835 kHz in the country house of Litohoron a rural place , 1.5 km fasr from the village that's   free of local noise. Best times are late nights  when i was in bed as the signal  is very good  (after 10 pm local time till circa 2 am  ) .

2. Walking and or jogging. Since I am quite fat (85  kg and 160 cm tall )  i preferred walking 20-30  minutes  outside the house ,  enough time to create  new ideas and or resolve solutions  to some of these stories.

3. Starting to write a new story project. As  the above two techniques helped me to produce many  more ideas and stories than  i could afford  writing in paper same time  , and some times  was blocked writing older stories ,I preferred to keep in mind the outstanding stories (these in the waiting ) with just a plot or into full analysis. My MP3- voice  recorder is a very important instrument  to keep these ideas in its memory for later  noticing in paper same or next day .

4. Inspired by a book , news or movie  or personal reality. Many times  after reading a book or watching a movie or  even hearing the news  , inspired me to write   my own version or adaptation of that story .
This applies mostly to the other book called  here as  'the  series of series'.
Notice that this idea especially for news or movie seems  not so widely supportred  by other   authors who prefer mostly 'stealing'  stories of others in a way  to write their own.

5.Writing the ideas  in a mp3 as startup . I have at fist recorded these ideas into my mp3  for later noticing in paper.

For safety reasons i have not used my tablet in the countryhouse  . As safety  i mean to preserve it from deliberate attacks from my very nervous daughter. She sometimes ask me  to use my tablet to play wih the physical keyboard by writing her name.. My father  is also keen against computers and tablets.He really  hates them feeling that  computers and new technology destroys humanity.

This is just one sample of  the ideas  that i support  in a mainly basis.

My sources of mind blockade are :
-Family and parent and in-law demands . This  can lead me  to lose more than half day for others requirements and forget some ideas . 
-Requirements to  read  unrelated  books for personal interests (ie psychology books , technical and others unrelated to  fiction  )   In contrast , reading fiction/ fantasy books  as from  Steve king could  help me   to either  find a nice idea or  just use  his way of writing (?)
-Very lengthy stories  in detail ! My latest  stories with  some  detail  can extend to 50  or more pages , dialogues are also included in them . Most of my earlier  stories are  not bigger /lengthier than 10 pages.  The last story for the "series of series"  i write now exceeds   for sure the 70and seems  to grow up !.

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