Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Book review: How to handle difficult people by Joe P bloch

This is one of the books of my  collection since  2+ more years.It comes from a malaysian imprint  of price  less than  6 Euros. I here wil describe   the book  by a 'technical' manner.

Book  design and layout:
This book  has a less than A5   design  of ca 148 pages with the use of quite thick doc paper  that makes a  9 mm  thick book. i.e. nearly  the double of the  standard  thickness book .
Cover pages are glossy mat type   with some emoticon type or cartoon type  faces describing 8 of the 10  types of difficultpeople as described  in the book.
The text of the book  is quite  loose with  nonstandard fonts of 1.5  line spacing  making 30 lines  per page.  First pages of each  chapter of the 12 included , are framed . other pages are not . Each paragraph set  is leaded  by a headine formatted with arial type fonts  of double  height. and underlined. The last page of the chapter uses  rockwell  type  fonts with nearly 50%  taller than normal.

Chapter structure  : each chapter is divided  this way :
First each character is analyzed for 1-1.5 page. It then  shows on how to spot  this character . How a character gets his way in his life. . How to avoid  with him  and then seprately in casual encounters in the work and in your family
These are the follwing characters as  analyzed : bIg  bully (ie bullying ), big mouth (someone who speaks very much ), brick wall (stuborn people who cant undestand  others ) ,constant complainer ( folks who alwys  complain ),drama queen (persons who alway  want to be in front of others  ) , procrastinator (delayers ), snooty  snubs, tantrum people  and two faced persons.

Language : Seems quite 'simple'  and easily understanding but  i have found many words  unknown to me that add much time to use my  dictionary to undrerstand them. Same time   I compared with another  book of nearly the same  type of content (dangerous people by joe navaro  ) which ussed simpler  wording.
Bloch's  langauge uses too many idioms and phrasal epxpressions  that add more dfficluty  into the  total meaning . i have fist  to check all unknown words from the text  and then  start to undestand. Sometimes just a  fast but  careful reading  sentence  by sentence can   yeld a better  result  for me
Otehrwise  what is  noted there can be in many cases quite  easy to follow.

The main story : what can you get from this book.
Regardless of the dificulty  of author's  wording or language the 'getting in' seems  quite simple to follow.  NIce and easy ideas  or hints that seomtimes  somone can easily think  if he is not bored or is more clever   These simple ideas are just "take it and use it now"  in most cases
Good for a person who wants fast solutions to a given problem
3/5 mostly from  the 'phrasalities' a/o americanisms  included

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