Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Looking the difference between kapsoura and jiwang !

Looking   the difference between kapsoura and jiwang !

Let me  once again stress in the  term kapsoura. Just a small scenario.

Just think of a   boy. He   loves a girl  . This girl does not show a love to him  ,or even more she rejects any relation to him. this is what we  call here in greece that he is "eaten the  khylopita [a kind of noodle form rice] " meaning as blowed out   or ate the mitten  as i found  in the greek eglish lang fora yesterday
This boy   is very very fond of this girl . His heart  is blowing from flames  figuratively [this is how  kapsoura  means]
His love is too strong that canot focus in his work , with his friends etc and gets  alone in his life  for a short time HIs firnds ridicule him  for his  so jerky behavior
He tries to forget her. he cant find any other way than   smoking oe even  drinking .
Untill   sometime  , possibly less than 3 weeks?  he finds the courage to set up again his life  , by fiding a new love or return back to  his workjob .

This is the whole process  for saying someone  has kapsoura.
For you have something related   to say about it in Australia except the  term fondly in love  ?
as far as  i seen in the web , the  term jiwang  goes quite close  to the above  ,wuth less strength but sadness  from boy's part.

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