Friday, October 9, 2015


Steven KIng is for me a story of love ad hate . reading his  story on I shudder at your touch thrilled me very much so tat i stopped reading it as it goes against my beliefs .HIs other  book 'twilight zone stories' with 14 stories is better to me though  many of them are not easy to understand them , but Blaze  story was my first narration  that i enjoyed much , and was a idea to write  some short stories based on this character .
This is one of the 6-7 books of Greek version  bought at  a low price .

Blaze is a man adventurer with a pal who is his alter ego and boss  . This pal  dies and Blaze is determined to catch a  baby for money . This story  goes in parallel with his story when he was  a overgrown child of  limited  intelligence and how he grown as adventurer
The story is a  bit funny and King makes you feel sympathy  to this bad guy.


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