Friday, October 9, 2015

Ann Mah :Kitchen Chinese

Most of the novels read the summer time were bought from a pal's  store who changed his business style , from newspaper  to nuts . For this reason he tries to sell our his book stock offering it in vey low price  ie from $7  to $2 for  the greek  versions of pocket books > i have bought several of them ,around 6  ,most  are of terror and horror literature. All these books  are the greek versions  from the  Bell publishers the locales of the pocket books

This book however  was bought from another  pal's  store at the normal price of $7 for the greek edition  which i think is still low  comparing to the  price offered by the original American publisher
The Greek version of Ann mah's  book contains  250 pages with 43 lines of 10 picas Times font , and the same applies to all other editions and all book are bonded with a plastic cover to protect the casual viewer  to damage it . I thought  that this book  may  contain recipes of  Chinese  kitchen . I was  slightly disappointed  that it was just a novel .

As  i read from various sources in the net , the original  book aso contains  several recipes on it end .The greek version does not. Now on the story . without writing spoilers. This is possibly the authors  story  when she left USA to work in the contemporary  CHina to work for a newspaper in Beijing and the culture shock she felt  living in a place far different from the  country she leaved or grown. She is a 30 yrs old girl and 3nd generation  Chinese. and this book describes  her adventures and  feelings  all the time  she leaved there . As specialist in cooking  she  writes about  Chinese cooking  visiting  Chinese restaurants in behalf of the  newspaper though  she understands that  her knowledge is still quite limited .

The story  is quite funny . lots of humor , and full of emotions to the level of naivety and much of romance ,but no suspense . MUch of the story nearly the first half of it, is dramatized in the USA 
Though  this bok refers to cooking , it is sometimes gets me tirred  to read what she ate and skipped that passage  . This reminds me quite much the way the book KL underground was writen , also by a Chinese.  May i suppose it is the srtyle of Chinese  writers to write  all the time what they are eating???

Rating  7/10  and recommended  for  enjoying your free  time.

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