Sunday, October 4, 2015

I shudder at your touch

 I have bought this book  this year from a former newsstand at  very low price  of just E2 out of E8 due to selling out the older book stock .the seller  has changed his business orientation onto  slling nuts and the same

This is a book  with short stories from  many  well known (?) writers of terror including seven king  and Angela Carter . of a total of 22 stories . As I see from the  nert this book is quite old  produced on 1992 , and early the same happened for the geek edition   made  from a  company  who started making computer books and magazines publication on early 80s
There  was also noticed in the book  that the publisher Slung would edit a second book with more 22 stories
IN this post I will refer the  ones  I read so far 
These stories are supposd to show an erotisme mixed with horror Only a few stories can be  idintiifed as wither  horror erotisme. and several others can only be described as  just simple fiction.
Revelations of Becka Paulson : a rather funny but frightening   story by Steven King with a woman who was shooted by a gun and hears the voice of J Christ . A fiction and terror story  that made me stop after a while for rather ideological reasons but not from dark fiction ..* a rather low  ratε concerning
Sea lovers  : a epic type story  written in a rather poetic  way showing a  bad mermaid with vengeance against male people. this story   inspired me a story to my special edition This is my fav story *****

Psychopomp :This story reminds m the film story of Benjamin Button ****

A glowing future: Packeting  for yor ex spouse can be sometimes annoying. This is such a story **

Consanguinity : finding and marrying a man is many times vey typical > But what can happenif this man is really a ghost ?? ****

The conqueror   worm : a macabre  story with a worm  winning over a relation to be dissolved  ***

Master : by anegla carter I don’t like her way of writing as too coarse and  this story falls into the same way of wrting *

A quarter  past you : A clear fiction story with  nice suspense but not of horror . A man gets in between a couple withot rally involving into them . A like a platonic person…***

Death and the single girl  : One of the funniest I read so far .Mr death is personalized by a man identified to kill  a girl  but has lost all opportunities *****

Wings : a  very shirt story  with a young girl asking for  sex  with a man ***

Keeping house : A  housewife into a thriller  story having a tenacity  to klean the house to the level   that all of her family relatives   left her **

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