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Survey : are these dips available in your country ??

sauces as shown in a sancwitch store 
left  down:paprika(red) then clockwise: tzatziki ,cheesepaste , mayo,farmer,russian

Just looking  for sandwich dips in your country.   In Greece we call them  as salads but locally are called    "ointments" .Simply because they 'oint' the bread.
Which of the following  'salads' /dips  you know to circulate in supermarkets in your country ?Please look the article in full before you  reply to me.

#Paprika , Potato,  Russian  , Farmer ,
# Jajiki /Hungaraise/ Budhapest  ,
# Aubergine  /Tarama (cod roe) /Processsed  cheese

Explanations  of these  names in case these processed salads  don't exist in your country,  by  naming category:

These dips below are mostly Greek.
-Paprika is a two faced story. In Thesaloniki  itis made with tomato paste mixed with mustard oil vinegar cheese oregano  Other places in Grece use only red peppers processed  (in the  mixer) with spices
-Jajiki  (correctly spelled  tzatziki  is a  salad made  with yohgurt (preferably strained ),  lined  cucumber , oil, vinegar, minced garlic and anise. This is  purely greek salad an can easily be made at home Tarator is called  in slavic countries offered  as  soup as far as  i know.Jajiki
-Aubergine salad  is made with grilled aubergines ,processed  with garlic, oil and vinegar . Ther are two  at last versions one of them  using also mayo. Greek only  salad I think.

 These  are not directed  for sandwitch but are usd for other purposes
-Processed cheese'paste  is  actually  white cheese minced in the mixer with some hot green papper and oil
-Skordalia (garlic dip) is a dip accompanied especially  for the so called in UK  'fish and chips" This dip is made with garlic and mashed potato or  dried old bread washed into water.
-Tarama is cod roe eggs mixed in a  food processor with old (dry ) bread washed (into water) ,or mashed potatoes instead)  oil and salt . Cod roe eggs paste  can be either  red or white

These dips/spreads  are of unknown origin but use 'foreign' names:
-Russian  salad is made by boiled  cubed   carrot potato peas  and mixed with mayo. Unsure if this is just greek name
-Farmer salad  is made with  by raw carrots celery apple and others  cut into thin lines and added with mustard and mayo. Alternatively   strained  yogurt  may be added instead of mayo  in  salads
Some individuals  replace  mayo with  processed watered flower  for fasting periods.

These salads/dips  are possibly   German origin
-Buddhapest and Hungaraise are made with some of the above ingredients and also cubed ham
-Potato salad is only boiled potatoes mixed with mayo and thin slices of green peppers.

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