Friday, February 13, 2015

MIchelle Borba the big book on parenting solutions [101 Q&A]

One of the oldest books  i have found and bought via the internet  from the  birth of my child .
Mrs Borba is member of the advisory booard  of Parents magazine in USA and is the author of his very thick  book. This book  consists of ca 650 pages and is edition of 2009

In contrast to most  other children books it has a different  structure.  The book   is separated  in 9 parts ,each having its chapters (Q&As)  . Each chapter is 2-8 pages  depending on the weight  text . as  for example  the  subject  'angry'  is 8 pages long though 'separation anxiety'  is only 3 pages . Language is very easy to rad and to folow

And more about the structure of the book:

In the preface part there  is  a  langthy introduction on how the book ccan be used. (abt 17 pages ) together wit a Q&A  On the end of the  introductory  part there is a interesting survey called  Joys of the motherhood survey   for the moderate american woman

101  topics separated by category / part . 9 parts  include  : family , bahaviour , character , emotions , social scene , school, special needs , day to day , electronics

Each topic- article - is structured  this way :
cross references

  • flags
  • the change to parent for 
  • why change?
  • signs and symptoms

  • steps  to follow

Separately  there are these  short topics inside boxes :
  • late breaking news
  • helpful advice (to look for books or internet )
  • parents answer
  • pay attention
  • one simple solution

Also  there is a 50 pages  notes (articles  where the info has been  deriven  mos of them are from mostly from  'parents'  magazine  but also  from many others )  and  more  than 30 pages of index

Rating 5/5 It can be used as a first  aid book , and is suitable  for children of 3-13  years of age . I could like to see this book be updated with the latest info from her  sources .

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