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Book : The sales bible (Jef Gitomer )

 The sales bible by  Jeff  Gitomer

As you may know  the older times  I studied  marketing on 80s (you may look at more in my page in Google sites at zliangas) This  author and his book have been found on mid 90s via   search for sales techniques in the internet of the older times. One of the pages  i was looking those older times   was SBS which then  stopped

The sales bible’ is not exactly a method of selling as many others of the market ie rather university type . As Jef  says in his book , this is merely a complete hands on guide  form his practices from  read world techniques  he applied after many years of his work . As with any practice book anyone can use it and adapt to his  own  style.

Also  this book  is a  series of articles Jeff has presented to a magazine of the area . Each article is a  2-4 max pages length with condensed techniques on how to cope in any case . Ideas and how to’s in a total of 340 pages book bigger than A5 size and hardbound..
The design  is rather  simple DTP  though the use of fonts is rather humorous  in a way you can call 'impressing' and memorable   
Another  very interesting thing on the book is the xx.5  rules ,which the last 0.5  rule is mostly  the  most important

Not only the above, but the book is also very motivational. IN several cases ha also referred to the gurus of selling Tom Hopkins  ( I knew him the times of 80s and  from a US  magazine  [ie  before getting to know Jef ] who wrote the excellent book  'how to master the art of selling'  another excellent sales book which then lost more recently  and  also Zig Ziglar  and the other guru  Ken Blachard  the author of the one minute manager  a book  that I thin has been  translated  into Greek )

The language  is very simple  with very few  unknown words in a nice and easy to read text and quite easy 'digestible' 

IN the pack there were :

  • The book
  • Flash cards  look at the  right  photo
  • A floppy disk  of 3.5”

This edition is of 1994  as you may understand

My rating : 10/10  and is an excellent and handy reference to any prospective salesman .Sad that I stopped sales since 2000 , as I then worked for the Uni . I recently   given this book  to a very close friend who works as  dealer.

Would like to see this book also in  e-form which would-be handier for any prospective or non  salesman who would like  to read it any time in his smart phone (it is not still in e-book as I checked in Jeff’s  web page, there are only  some  more 'niche' eBooks The 'bible' is only in audio format )

Here is a condensed index of the book  (the 94 edition I don’t know if the latest version is  more extended ) :

  • Rules : secrets fun : genesis book of rules, Book of secrets , book of bog secrets , book of humor (something very important in business  negotiations )
  • Preparing the WOW . The book of WOW , book of questions , book of power
  • Book of introduction / book of calling
  • Making a great presentation Objection , close follow  up, book of objectives , book of dsing , book of persistence
  • Woes and foes : book of lamentations , competition
  • All hail the king the customer : book of customer service
  • Spreading the gospel :  book of communication , exhibition
  • Networking
  • Prophets and  profits : leadership trends prophets
  • Up your income  (book of numbers )
  • Can i get an amen ?  (book of exodus )

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