Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sejarah Melayu: Malay history web page of sabri zain

Sejarah Melayu is one of the oldest pages I know  in the web for the Malaysian  history . I know this site  at least  since 2000 .

 Mr Zain  uses  JavaScript to block  copy pasting , so that only direct printing is possible. However since that time  I used a program  called  Fine print that acts as a printing driver that saved my life .It helped me  to joining all printed pages into on bundle , able also to  remove any blank pre-printed pages . That old times , I used a color inkjet printer and printed all of it in a A5 form . And more recently  2014 I  made once again the   bundle  with the updated version of this web page ,that it adds to about  50 A4 pages since the former printing 10 years ago . that made me feel  that Mr Zain is now quite ‘lazy’ to add and  terminate his job in this web site. 

A notice of the design of the  website . In both versions 2003 and 2014  the design is nearly identical .except in the headers and footers . The older time the  both  headers and footers  used short javi  texts (ie written in local Arabic) with  web counter and a quick seach added in the footer . The new version  removes all of them , using a  ‘Arabized’   latin  font of sejarah melayu on the  top and on the bottom a disclaimer is noticed together with a paypal  notice

The web page is divided into 3  parts  each  divided by  subparts and  then into pages and columned

-          Golden Chersonese
-          Colonization

-          Merdeka

 The new system is not columned.  Instead of it is shown as in blow with each part , texted,  having its partial pages

The  new design has the following parts :

    Early Kingdoims
    Buddhist  empire
    China southern Sea
    The coming of Islam
The Melaka Empire
    The Johore Empire
    Dutch East India
   Straits Settlements
    The Kedah Rebellion
Selangor Civil War
    The Perak  War
    Federated States
    British Malaya
    World War

Separately  the  main page  has two other parts that i m not comenting here

Now back to the main history page

Each page is accompanied with many pictures and texts  , either written from  Sabri Zain or excerpted from books . The language  is quite easy in most cases , except of book excerpts /  copy pastes that can be from very easy to very complex , as most of them use war or martial language.

The materiel  seem to me quite condense and very interesting . As for example from the total pages , there is nothing on the Andaya book or in the V Matheson  book about the  Kataha (Kadaram ) story in the alpha-index on the end . Both these book s , are quite old (bought before 2000 )and refer to the Malaysian history , (with the hope that  sometime i will  post a review  )

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