Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Coping with difficult people

Coping with difficult people

By Robert  Bramson

Coping with difficult  people is one of the oldest of "verbal defense market" , published on late 80s

This book  as noticed in the  preface , uses various  techniques already tested and proven , used so far by many people , not only in work , ie between mates but also by teachers , students CR  staff , police officers  etc

Language :  the language  is quite easy  and easily passing as you read hough  there still  some  unknown  words to me. I can run easily reading it

Structure of the book :

The book has its special design in each chapter :

Preliminary Example or examples

Behaviors of the  difficult people

Understanding them

How to cope with  them

A review of coping

(a  example of coping )

(prevention against them )


1 intro

2 hostile aggressive trio : Sherman tanks , snipers, exploder (having tantrums )

3. the compleat  complainer and another nice people

4. clamming up silent and unresponsive

5. super agreeable and other wonderfully nice people

6. web blanket poor negativist at work

7 bulldozers and balloons : known it all  experts

8 l indecisive  stalkers

9  towards effective coping : basic steps

10 thinking styles : added dimensions in coping with them

11 applying with methods: getting a fix in that difficult person

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