Thursday, April 25, 2013

More movies reviewed

Law abiding citizen : shocking and impressing . I was quite impressed on how a  man can go above the American law and still be soooo legal and terrorize the community clandestinely 3/5

Killerwave I am wondering  on how a torpedo can cause an earthquake and raise a tsunami . Interesting story with soe action . Quite tiring as it is very long story > the secret is in the second part …4/5

American wedding : too American and quite silly 2/5

Barbie in the pink shoes : two classical stories in one Barbie story . A rather uninteresting and unnecessary movie . The movie just aired from the national ‘movie channel’ Star TV and still is in cinemas as of 23/4  3/5

Chaos : the theory of chaos in a killer movie full of action . and with many overthrows 4/5

The recruit: Our ‘movie channel's‘   movie replay I really  wonder on how Al pacinno  needed a so complex way to grab the secrets 3/5

MURDER AT 1600    4/5 “nothing is as it appears’  and this sis truew with this movie

Der rote Baron   5/5
Very interesting story  of a legend in Germany

Lettrs  to Juliet 5/5
And the secong most significant movie in this period . a story of everlasting love that a young girl made it happen (after50 years !! )

27 dresses  5/5
This girl copies my story  is a very different way .Very humorous and moving

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  1. Great reviews here Zach, have to comment on Killer Wave, if a bomb or explosion is big enough then it can cause an earthquake and if in the ocean then a tsunami, LOL, interesting comments on that American movie The Wedding! Probably typical American rubbish which I usually don't watch as it is boring these days! Used to be entertaining in the old days but one gets tired of this sort of crap now! Awe, why didn;t you like Barbie? Probably mostly for kids I guess, isn't your daughter into Barbie?
    Thanks for sharing your comments Zach and best wishes! Hope you and your family are well! Michael Stevenson