Thursday, April 4, 2013

mini comments for watched movies

.............that have been posted already in Flixster 

Peter pan : truly a movie for youngsters and elders ! MY daughter watvched it  twice a day !!

King  Solomon’s mines : No comment 4/5

American dreams : quite a stupid (not to say ridiculous ) idea with a gunny story . I could never think the president to be so silly (catatonic??)  and  preside in a TV show Sattire   of low level  2/5

Hereafter   3.5/5
No comment here . very slow paced movie

The life before her eyes  4/5
With Uma Thurman . Interesting though melancholic story but quite complex  due to continuous flashbacks > the solution of the story  is in the end ,but did not persuade me

Scarface 2/5
… cult movie of 80’s ??? with al pacino . first time  to watch this Indian length movie that  it quite bored me with he interest degrading as time passes . Not to say about violence but to the role of high egoism from Tony Montana towards  the end of the film

Aka Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous
Barbie  in the army . Enough said here …. Just for laughs

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time 3.5/5
And here a  twist  of the original story , that follows the quite good II The step mother steals the magic  wand from the fairy and twists  the story . But finally Cindy  wins that magic !

Doomsday   2/5
A crazy mix of  future , punks and middle ages with some dose of horror and full action

The wild 3/5
Humorous  as all Disney’s  movies though  ‘freaky’ a bit (esp in the start with the gigantic beast )

Two  great actors with  great humor in a slow paced movie showing the human can do especially if he is rich!

Universal Soldier: Regeneration   2/5
Helter skelter ! too  much  action and fight for no reason . the movie ets quite boring as time passes  .ONLy for DVD rental or TV  to watch

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  1. Wow, thanks for all this Zach, most interesting comments and articles here, I like your little comment below your photo saying "Zach is awake"!! Are you sure? Best wishes my friend from Australia