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Review fr movie Lucy (legthy)

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I have seen  with great interest the movie  that was premiered this week  (1.12.17)in our  nationwide commercial TV movie channel Star that in the very  start was marked as U-rate whiCh  later was corrected  into PG. necessary parental guidance
The movie starts very rogue with unnecessary violence Lucy M was  pressed by her boy friend to deliver a handbag  with CPH4 a chem. essence inside a plastic bag as a new drug  The gang kills him  . Among other 4  persons she  got a surgery The  bag was planted iside her body aimed  to transfer this  essence to a target .CPH4  was leaked inside her body resulting into an increase of  her minds potential  first to 20%. and gradually increasing.  The  boss then wanted to stop her. .. while  she wanted to know on what can happen to her life and take revenge against  the gang...
Movie was  full of action  with very fast pacing with many poor visual effects from just  typical metaphysics and telecom effects(goof!) to time travel in 100%(possibly not goof .
Very good drama  with lots of  suspense and very simple plot  . Scarlet leads the film wih her good play  while Morgan is nearly useless.

Action 4/5
Now on the background :The writer is totally ignorant  in basic  physics and scientifically full of holes in favor  to suspense and action.
The  main point  CPH4 is a real  ingredient  in pregnant mothers.  There are many sites including Quora that probe these allegations and Benson knows that. Many sites  refereed to this ingredient and  the facts behind that and the movie.
I have  some very good knowledge  in radio and limited in metaphysics paranormals  and  neurosciences that help me to go in depth of the  writer's ignorance:  Some new researches show that we use our full brain. Lucy with in just 20%  learnt Korean and Chinese, fully memorize 6500 pages from a teachers works   ,excelled  in shooting with a gun, drive  without  knowledge  at her first time as Shumacher (haha!),do telekinesis, deactivate others minds (min control poss. not goof ), read distant people's minds  (possibly not goof) but also control radio frequencies  mobiles and TVs and map the  radio spectrum  to identify the communication frequency  between the Koreats and then listen to  them from  the... police  transceiver!
Really  ? How can she faultlessly drive at so very high speed as the best car racer without any previous experience  ? How can she map the entire spectrum?  ?How could she decode  the digital coding format of mobiles ?showing reach of 00s is stil  a wrong excuse. Both GSM bands were digitally  encoded using TDM.
And finally in the end of the movie before starting the final experiment,  well aware   of the gang  outside the experiment room  and with more than 70% MR e she could really  remotely neutralize all of them with just a simple thought or even kill them. Why  she  expected  the police to do that? this   proves she  is idiot.
And finally Lucy taking the role  of God!!! haha...

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It is clear that  Benson  wanted  to favour action and suspense at the expense of everything other (logic and some  basic physics) and become troll.
In a way to troll against  his audience with the 'nonexistent background adn get ridiculed.

Therefore: He had  to do  a lot more side research before making stores full of goofs.
Scientific Background :1/5  except possibly  the paranormal .that get the 1

Anyway i watched it for second time  the next day for looking again the goofs. It was   recorded as the time aired  was too early  9pm  the time my  8  yo daughter was playing with her  friend in the house. I m sure to watch it several times again mainly for laughing a/o analyzing the movie more .

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