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My best of the best songs ever !!

Written  in tablet with autocorrect off.

55  vews 5/12 (15 days after) and none  replied .that seems western music  is empty unless none involves with this wonderful music 

As you may know -and surely most of   DXers know that i am most fan of Malaysia, I put here  my bestof best songs i have herd for more  than 50 years to show my highly diversified musical tastes of all the time  The listing  consists mainly with the most mesmerizing ,extraordinary- literally and figuratively  ,or just shocking songs (say melodies  regardles to the lyrics ) These "emobombs " (emotional bombs ) as I call them go above the highest rational rating level.

Before leaving this page please feel urged  to drop your comment on the end of this listing and advise me for any 'western song"  yo think can be of great value. YOUr help is  absolutely necesary in order tofillthslisting and identify the remain emobombs shold they exist. 
Most of the listed songs can be  easily  found in YouTube for listening them except wth these noticed in blue.Checked 9-11/11/17
Notice that all lists  have some  missing material.

#'Western' classics

Inumerable  classic and metal songs have been heard for sooo long but only a few songs excited me so much to mark them as 'emotion bombs' The first listing  shows the emotion bombs  the second shows some very important classics.  I also include  three outstanding rock groups that get out of the metal crowd the period i was listening to metal music during 80s . Please advise me for other  songs that follow the melodic patern of the first group so i can identify other posslibly missing songs. 

  • One day in your life (M Jackson )
  • When  you tell me that you love  me (Diana Ross)
  • My heat will go on Celine  Dion  (aka titanic )
  • Unbreak my heart - (Toni Braxton)
  • From Sarah with love (Sarah Connor)  
  • I will always love you -(Whitney)
  • Right here waiting for you RMarx 
  • Take my breath away-Berlin
  • Power of love-J Rush 
added melodies list: 
  • I wanna know what love is Foreigner
  • Everythin i do -Bryan Adams
  • Wonderful life Black
  • Whitout you Air Supply 
  • Listen to your heart Loxete
  • Careless  whisper George Michael 
  • you and me   from a woman snger 
  • Promise me breverly craven
  • A thousand years Cristina perri
  • Stay with my heart -sophie zelmani
  • Nothin gona change  my love for you-JBenson
  • Sorry  seems the .. 
  • Holiday /Still loving you  Skorpions and other ballads of them 
  • Self control laura braningan
  • Riot and Dokken metal groups    -most of their songs   .

Various classics  from all the world (gruped by singer )

The story is very long. Interest was first with  small vinyls of 45RPM during early 60s.This was my encounter with nice japanese sngs of that time which are totaly irrelevant to today's jpop 'rubbish' music as compared with their grandpas.  With the use of FM and shortwaves  since early 70s my interest was changed  to festivlty ie undergound  Greek , Hindi , Arabic Korean and  Chinese  and later with Bulgarian Serbian and Romanian music among other countries I visted those old times. Greek listing  getsnext to that. 

Special cases and returning thyis period back to ambient music :
  • Last kiss (Ishtar alabina )
  • Jarre's ambient neoclassicals :Oxygene I, Equinox ,Mag fields , China ,Rendez vous ,Cousteau
  • A coeur perdue/ Ce  soir j eitait perdue (Mirelle Matier?)
  • Apres toi/L amour est bleu  -Viky Leandros (Greek)
  • Forever and ever Demis Roussos (greek )
  • La vie en rose/Abrazame / Goodbye my love /Natalie Julio Inglesias 
  • You know I love you -Datuk Shake (Malay!!)
  • Sretno ti bilo sine  /sretno ti radjindan mama (Neda Ukraden  among more of her |tapes)
  • 帰らぬ想い出 # [ kaeranu omoide] 45 
  • 愛と 死の形見  #[ai to shinno katami]/ 45 (山中みゆき Yamanaka Miyuki- this singer made me FEEL the music)
  • 我爱你中国 (Wo ai ni Zhongguo I Love You China /SW/U2B) Possibly PRChina's  second national hymn 
  • 一朵小花  [Yi duo xiao hua /a flower]   a male version heard in FM on 89 was the best among others in u2b
  •  再回首/ 姜育恆  Zai Hui Shou /Jiang Yu Heng Fm/tape/u2b
  • Roothey ho tum tumko kaise manaon piya روٹھے ہو تم تمکو کیسے منوں پیا (Nayyara Noor)  SW
  • भूल गया सब कुछ bhol gaya sabh kuch (Julie i love you OST)  Lata+ Kishore from Sat
  • यह कहाँ आ गए हम Yeh Kahaan Aa Gaye Hum/Silsila OST Amit +Lata  -movie  
  • तेरी याद आ रही ह  teri yaad a rahi he SW

45:vinyl rec /SW from shortwaves/Sat-elite /#not  in Youtube/u2b :Youtube

Also very important to mention with coments :
  •  _عبد الحليم حافظ / بصرت ونجمت كثيراً_‎. -basurt wanajamt thyrraam ( Abd Halim Hafeez ),aka my name bashtartu one of my top arabic songs  of 70s .The singer/orchastrator is a 'clone' of one workmates before 2012   .Greek underground music of 60-80 has  borrowed many songs from arab countries.
  • Nunca sabre by Mario Suarez - latin and my best version  of a world famous Greek song 'an thimithis t oniro mou,i f u remember my dream'  widely known as "honeymooon song" by Mario Martini  and Beatles!
  •   東京アンナ by大津美子 [Tokyo Anna by Otsu Yosiko] The song is more known to older Greeks (sailors of 50-70) .There was also a greek version called 'xenitefthkes kale mu' by Anthula Mpuziani at  a slower pace.
  •   कुछ कुछ होता ह kuch kuch hota he Udit/Alka .This big hit   of mid90's afaik has been  vesioned at least in Afganistan Malaysia and Indonesia at least !

-Greek Songs (very missing most are very olds )

I include some important  mesmerizing songs from neo kima -new wave of70s noticed with asterisk.
Siplified writing for easy pronuncation  as you read an english text   : th as in thin,dh as in this
Two  emobombs:
  • Ena kalokeri* (a summer )by today's only mesmerizing singer Matina Satti
  • An i agapi ine agapi  (if love is really love) DimThanopulos  - Greek version of La Mentira OST
The listing of extraordinary songs:
  • Savato ki apovrado* (late night of saturday)- Haris Alexiou among others of her
  • Ela mazi mou -Lakis Papas* (come with me )
  • Mi mou milas gia agaph*(dont tell me abtlove  )/ Na diokso ta sinefa* (I'l l pull off the clouds  -Galani  
  • Mia fora thimame (I once remember)  -Arletta *
  • Mi mu thimonis  matia mu(dont be angry) -Pulopulos/Daralas
  • Kapios yortazi* (s'one feasts)/Apopse gia sena* (tonite for u ) -Asteriadi
  • To oniro mu pethane* (the dram is gne)Zografos*
  • Hristinaki (litle  chirstine ) -Chomata *
  • Sygnomi (apologies) -Olympians
  • Hartino  to fegaraki (the moon is made from paper)- Mouskouri
  • Palio kanoni-Petropulos (ol canon, antiwar)
  • Pios  na xeri- Tonis Vavatsikos (just for reference :a song with superb lyrics )
  • Tora pia Parios ( orig: if you go Barry+ Eileen )
  • Thalasa platia ( Music :Hajidakis)
  • Pou nan o iskios sou The'e (God where's yor shadow) Cleo Denardu
  • Kalokeria ke himones (Mitropanos my fav olies singer )
  • Itan pente  itan eksi /Minore tis avgis  Dalaras
  • Ta mavra matia sou (your blackeyes) - Agelopoulos (eternal undergrond song) 
  • I stigmes ekeines-Kanari  (underground singer better than Aguilera's voice twists /uplifted  pop70's version  of original turkish Orhan Gencebay - Sarhosun Biri)
  • Mono ego xero-Kanari  btw Mrs Kanari  was my second life's musical mark point  after Miyuki 
Notice :
Hadjidakis,Theodorakis,Vicky Leandros, Demis roussos, Vangelis and Yani  are well known internationally long ago . Rouvas  and Helena paparizou   are possibly known for the new generation.

-IndoMalay songs

Deeply strong interest  afer a  business leisure   trip on Spore on Aug89 with FM recordings .I then returned in Sw mainly for looking Malay music and on 95  conected  to malay pals via  the net. Some of  them are in Facebook after the collapse of Mulptiply on Sept13.
Very short  list from a  6000+songs material i own and abuot 800 hard core songs with the most 'emobombs' reffered. Mesmerizing voices of Misha Omar,Saidatul Erma are noticed  .Other mesmerizing voices as the very sexy saddy voice of Aishah, Anrieza, Evie Tamala the well known dangdut singer,  and males  Sudirman, Dato Shake are not noticed here.Their listing is very long. 

  • unIDed Indohymn!!
  • 'Mengapa  sayang' -unknown title /singer FM89'

  • Aku sebutir pasir- Jee (Fauziah latif )
  • Bukan Kemahuan Fikiran by Whitney Huston haha! *see on end 
  • Bungabunga cinta/halaman cinta  plus-Misha 
  • Cinta/cinte seribu erti /seskali merindu(chn)/hati yg sepi Saidatul Erma.
  • Cnta dihatiku -Suliza 
  • Diatas kerta  ini /Kita serupa/Bunga sakura^ -Dayangku Intan (^and a few more kroncong songs from Hetty)
  • Dimata cinta – Ayati
  • Dimatamu aku dihatimu dia -Deja Moss 
  • Disuatu persinpangan  (Sal. Hassan)
  • Doa -Rahimah Rahim (nasyid)
  • Gemilang Erra Fazira
  • Hati sepi sorang wanita/Tuah nya malang ku-Linda Elizabeth
  • Jeritan batin ku (version) /Nilai cinta mu-Liza Xanim 
  • Kalimah Indra- Farah 
  • Kau bunga ku  -Dato  shake
  • Kerna dia kita  terpisah/Selendang kasih -R Jalil 
  • Melakar  rindu(Jeslina Hashim)
  • Nurani-Eisya
  • Rantau Abang /Rafeah
  • Seandanya -Betharia  Sonata
  • Tak ku sangga Arnieza and Bob
  • Tanpa cinta mu (or/and Withot you ) -Camelia.  They are   the same song separately in Malay and English .This is not the well known song. 
  • You and I - posibly Ning 

  • Bila rindu ku sebut nama mmu –Siti faiurz
  • Cinta kasih ku Rika Melia (dangdut writen by Evie Tamala)
  • Jangan kau hancurkan /Di renjisrenjis ( 80s version of trad) Shidee
  • Keresahan Sharifah
  • Selandang rindu-Rohayu Majid
  • Tiap waktu terluang -Kazar (as melody)

  • Asyik/ Sufi/Mimpi dalam mimpi/Seribu bayangan (Damasutra  ) 
  • Biarputih tulang-Dinamik~
  • Cinta mekar dihati /cinta sewangi kasih/sendiri/jemu -M.A.Y (not exactly but are my favs)
  • Izabela -Search  (the best and evergreen Malay ballad)
  • Kau yang brenama seri-Handy Black
  • Kelaurga bahagia -saujana (nasyid)
  • Kepadamu kekasih hati-Sting 
  • Matahari ku -Amuk 
  • NIna Karina /pergi/puteri Nastasea -Mega
  • Panawar rindu 'by' Buterfly (the only version I like. Orig is folky)
  • Pasrah -various singers 
  • Sampai hati -Ameng
  • Sinambungan cinta /kausalju cita Gravity my wife's bst
  • terperangkan dalam siranan /sentuhan cinta Hanafie Warren
  • Zakiah and Nurani by Kristal (zakiah is folky) 

 songs  in blue  not available in the net 

Special  notices:
  • Known internationally singers by time : Dato Shake , Sheila Majid (jazz),  ,Anita  Sarawak,  Sudirman, Siti Nurhaliza, Anggun (Indo) recently French singer, Sheila Amzah (in  China)  and Yuna.  
  • Cintaku hanyut dilautan sepi /Ramlah Ram :my first connection  to malay music on 89-90 that time as 'emobomb'.Others of the time were nyanyian sepasang hati,rantau abang  and many nonIDed. My third  life's musical  mark point. But still Ram  is my fav singer.MOre on my book 25[+] years Malaysia.
  • Lek Mayang :I can describe it  as the song of death and call of spirits.Used mainly for dancing shows.  Ella 's  rock version is  very impressive and cinematic.Also Cromoc's metal  vesions (two  versions) are  very good.Refers to an old tale.Please google  for more on the story.
*Dessy  Fitri ,an Indo, is excellent on singing  Whitney with her soft voice  . She sung also the 'greatest love of all"   . . Song "Bukan.."  is uplifted from  F.Latiff's  original to Toni Braxton's 'un-break my heart' song  rythm  and style. "Bukan.." cannot be found in the net.

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