Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Model story question #1

The text below fist appeared in one creative writing related  Facebook group .  i have not any  replies from the group  except a handful from various friends  out of the group. For this reason i r- post in this blog page and  expecting  once again more ideas.

I m now open to brainstorming from all folks in the web hoping that  more people will help me.I have  edited it for 10th time and had  help from a dyslexic friend and a friend from Australia who made the final editing. I hope that now the story in abstract form is very comprehensible

Imagine that you are a very beautiful woman. You are a retired model but you freelance sometimes, you have a perfect body. Your husband runs a successful  business. You are 34 years old and have a young child and two young nieces. You have a friend that runs a modelling agency and one of her models had an assistant and she wants you to fill in for her and you were going to wear the centre piece of a famous fashion designer in costumes. So, when you put the dress on, it fit her like a glove, you were  the queen of the show. At the fashion show everyone cheered you, “ she still got it” they said .

Now you are on the stage  in your center piece [dress] and they are about to announce that you are the name of the queen  of the fashion  model which is you.
Every one is cheering you at you for your great success and even your enemies are surprised that you succeed ,she has told you about her admires mostly men, she takes the microphone and she about to say goodbye to everyone in the show. As anew Penelope you have to came up with a smart idea to get rid of your suitors or admires without insulting anyone. What will you address in the microphon

Every idea is now  welcome . Even funny and intelligent !

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