Sunday, December 6, 2015

The woman of thousand secrets

This is the first book I ever read on history fiction. a  huge volume of 560 pages with  71  mini chapters in in its Greek   version marketed by the only Greek  pocket  book publisher Bell. This  is one of the books i bought  for the very ' high cost'  (hmmm) of  Eu 2 ,as the man who had it wanted to sell out his limited now  stock due to change of business , as mentioned in the previous blog postings  . Now after  reading the book  i feel  it is very well  underpaid comparing also  to the original american  book price of $17 as sold by Amazon and  the excellent at least  story .

This story is really amazing . Will not dig into the story  as many others in Goodreads and Amazon UK and US  have  noticed but will stress on the  plot  and other  by- story material . It is a very dense story with a skeleton- plot  of more than 7 pages , and could be really can be described as  soap opera  although it is not junk quality. Nearly everything is mixed in  : love,sex  passion ,intrigues fights and so on .

Narration is very vivid and you easily can be absorbed  by its  run.  As a jobless person i dedicated about 10 hours to thoroughly  read the book for a total of  2 days with no loss  of interest.  I  preferred to conclude reading it  read it than commencing  to write my own book which is curently  in its 4th edition .
The story blends very well  with historical facts (?) of the Mexican region and the tribes of Mexico and the neighbour countries

Very   highly  recommended  11/10

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