Thursday, July 2, 2015

Betrayal Danielle steel

I have read the geek edition of this book printed here in 13 into 290 pages of A5 size and 10 picas . The conclusion of the reading was in just 3 days for a total of 7 hours

Will not focus on the story itself but in the structure of the book

Although the story seems  quite interesting and easy to follow and read the plot is quite simple that can be noticed in only one page or in just 35 lines with some secondary  filler points referred outside the ‘action’ , though  minimal,  of the story

 The story is quit predictable and can be identified from nearly the start  of the book  ie from the  chart 8-9 which are the scenes of the story. Very many repetitions occur throughout the story that made me quite tiring and i preferred to skip them

The story has not strong ‘shocks’  except some unexpected happenings  that cold still be easily  awaited (as for example a killing and a torture ) making the story quite smooth . Please note that although I have not read so many books  of this kind (novellas or romance ) , I have watched more than 700 movies the   last 10 years in TV or in cinema

As in result  the story is quite simple  easy to read and follow  but quite slow paced  more romance than  action for this reason I rate it 3/5 Stil better  than  the previous book Fiancee Caper (Maureen child )

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