Monday, June 15, 2015

Malaysia at random : short review

 Don't think the  book by its ugly face, many reports said .

This  is a English written  book with trivia records ,from the last 15 years  from various sources ,newspapers, statistics  and the net with (un+)interesting things  and info of the country .It  contains 160 pages full if info in an anarchic way I.e. no relation between themes and subjects  ,this is is the reason it is referred as random. In addition it includes many pictures graphics and tables

Even the right page number at the bottom  is used as a referral in some of these trivia

I have this book  for several years.It is one of the few i use evrytime due to it easy to read short texts

The book is on the other side very interesting and sometimes funny.A book hat has the reson to be in your shack in case you are interested in this country.

I give you some of the info included in this book frm the more than 500 clips :

  • Materials needed to build a basic kampong house
  • Official kite competition rules
  • Performance problems in msia
  • Traditional weights and measures
  • What means ringit? Jagged
  • Malay firsts
  • The story of negaraku
  • Wrong movie title translations
  • Guidelines of Muslim astronauts !!
  • Banned movies in M'sia

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