Saturday, August 23, 2014

151 ideas to deal with difficult people

Now a book i n a different aspect than the other books reviewed here.

As noticed in the back page of the book :

If you have ever wished you had the equivalent of a nanny 911 to defuse tensions i n the office ,your wish has become true .151 quick ideas to deal with difficult people   is the ultimate guide on how to survive challenging employees and co-workers

Originally i have found this book from the internet but finally bought it as he cost was too low Just 5 Eu for aA5 book of 200 pages
The book uses standard A4 quality paper so it is rather  thick.  Could prefer if the publisher used a better paper.

I return back to backpage for description for what it stands for :
-keep problem employees for setting the tone in the office
-steps to tur troublemakers into team players
-confront bullies harassers and ageists
-keep backstabber from sabotaging your career
-keep aggressive colleague from commandeering your meeting
-know when to cut your losses     

Every   idea is about  1-1.5  page long , numbered with  title ,short passage with examples ,a small box with assignment    (a practical advice ) and also a small 3 line rectangle with an epilogue mostly a motivational advice, such as sayings ,talks from prominent people and so on

I set here an example :(with the hope that I  don’t infringe any copyright )

#65 When employees ask to borrow money .
-The writer notices an example of someone asked from her  boss several thousand dollars ,asking fro 50dolars every two weeks but suddenly asked for 600 and the  boss asked the writer if his was legal or not.
-In the assignment box the idea is better to refer to a bank instead of borrowing money.   
-In  epilogue notices: making loans to employees shouldn’t be part of ay business plan

For me the book is quite  easy to read with minimal dictionary help   about 4 hours were requied to check for unknown words with the use /help of tablet used as translator

Definitely worthless for someone who works in a company with mates and wanting ow to cope with toxic people . But not so much for someone looking book to handle with toxic people in the society .....    
Possibly Verbal Judo or The Idiot’s Guide To Verbal Self Defence could be better ??

Rating : 3.5/5

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