Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The oddysey of a mobile

Here is a strange and rather complex story of what happened to us with my wife's new mobile phone 

Last week the panel of the older phone of my wife got crazy. It is a LG phone with java applets bought 4 years ago  , and she used it solely for calling . Period . She could not even dial the PIN  as the panel shifted  the pressed numbers to other numbers. 

Someone advised  that  panel requires  calibration 

Still expecting to work in the Uni, ie still unemployed I had the time  to look for  servicing . I got into the store 'G' asking for service ie fixing or replacement of the panel . The boy in charge , after checking it a bit , advised me to better look for a new rather for fixing or repairing the  front panel as the cost  cold be of the range of Eu 60 . Considering that we bought the phone for ca 100 Eu , it surely out of  question to repair it. 

Surely i didn’t accept  the repair and  called my wife . So we decided to search for a new one . I took their product catalogue  for reference

During evening we started looking first from the most nearby stores. I was  prepared for a  budget of Eu 50- 60 ie for a basic mobile as mine (Nokia 6300 ) which works very well for more than 6 years. 

---A mini  parenthesis : My mobile also has a problem !

The only problem with my  mobile is the charging socket that does not fit so well  in  the  plug and requires proper 'twisting'  . I asked also  for this to the tech guy in the 'G' store, His proposal  is  Eu 25 for fixing the socket and Eu  25 for replacement battery. Although i think the  socket repair  is possibly fair price i think that the BL4C replacement battery is too  high. for the moment  I charge the battery either  by properly twisting the mains adaptor plug to the mobile's socket. Also  using my Degen De1126 radio as battery charger which uses  BL5C  battery of nearly same size . Its nly difference is that 5C is less than 1 mm  longer

--parenthesis ends here 

My wife  was looking  for several  simple models but did not like any of them . Her eyes stared more on higher class models ie smart phones. And finally she decided  to buy a Samsung smart phone model Galaxy Fame Lite The technician  if the store  was unable to transfer old mobile's database or SIM as he  does not have the necessary equipment. And requested us  to visit a more  specialized store as eg the 'G' stores , the same i looked earlier in  the morning for panel replacement 

As the  'G' store is a bit too far , we decided  to look into a more nearby  store.

The closest store is the ‘V’ -store abt 300 m from us. A tech geek in this office helped us  by transferring  the database into the new phone . However  he could do anything  with SIMM  as the  new mobile uses smaller sized USIM  . The  cost of data transfer was Eu 10

This guy did also a   setup of the mobile with a Google  account for my wife . The new email was ca 40 characters long !  (that consisted with her full name and a number)

The next  who made the  SIM transfer was a O-spot ie  our mobile service provider (MSP) Another 5 Eu of cost ! The O spot  is on the opposite of the street 

Therefore the total cost is Eu 115 ! 

I was also disappointed looking into a search engine of  the Greek market  . Several stores offer  the same  model for only Eu 75 ! 

Same night we did an internet check via our home's WiFi .As my wife is internet illiterate I teached  her everything from scratch . I sent an email  to my  account in Yahoo and we watched several videos in Youtube. So everything was OK ! (or we thought was OK )

Next night   we connected again to internet. To my strong disappointment Google has disabled the account due to a violation of terms. I really couldn’t know what to  do. And also didn’t know  why  this  happened .  

Next evening  we traced  the same route on the city . 

The guy on the V-spot was not there . None could help us.

On the O-store  the people  there could neither assist us and asked us to either go to a G-store or ask  the rep of Samsung for further assistance 

So  we gone  to the G-spot ie the  tech service  of our MSP . The woman behind the service was also unable to assist us . After returning  to the  store  for   a break , we asked from a  guy to assist. AS it is proven  he is a mobile and computer geek , he spent  about 10 minutes deleted the older Gmail account and set up  a new account  with much less user name ! And didn’t ask for money ..

So the  mobile is now working properly

Many questions arise from this story but is out of my question . Instead of it , i will refer only to what I done for my mobile:

- I found  and bought two batteries  BL4C for just Eu 7  via eBay from China The one is 850 mAh and the second is 2400 mAh

- Found and bought a battery  charger  for  both 4 + 5 L batteries for ca 5 Eu

- And a proper leather case  for the Samsung  model

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