Thursday, June 6, 2013

Movies watched this period

Movies  watched  this period
This  period our movie TV channel aired with repeats of movies abt 4months ago with much less new movies added. This is the reason  I stopped for the time being reviewing  movies
But more  recently  I found Star TV has aired  movies that I have not watched so far and here are several of them over a 2 weeks  period , written in ‘Zach-ish ‘

THE BIG BOUNCE   3/5 just some humor  but noting special except Morgan Freeman 

Red eye 3.5/5  Cilian  Murfy in a  rarely psyched person paid  to kill  a VIP forces a woman  to follow his project. But the girl had  the guts to restore the  condition.  Movie for ‘her eyes  only’  (Rachel McAdams)

Art of war: 4/5 based on the words of Sun Tzu, a   quite strong movie , overwhelmed by action  along all movie. Mixing China , USA and the UN  . with a rather unexpected (happy )end !

Murder by numbers  3/5 : Who can be the winner?  Two very intelligent students acting  a crime or the police? A rather  predictable story with Sandra  as main character (the detective) . The movie also shows  that a perfect crime  can never  be perfect if there are by-s 

RED :4/5   (retired , entertaining and destroyable!!) [correct is Retired Extremely Dangerous" ] :  a rather  fun movie (but not comedy! )  with  lots of action starring Bruce Wiliis  Morgan Freeman Malkovich  and others. Worth of watching and laughing  is sevral points especially in he middle of the movie which is rthe funniest part ! 
i read today RED 2 is nearly on the go .... will try to watch it ! 

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