Saturday, December 11, 2010

Several ideas for improving the e-readers

Several ideas for improving the e-readers

After using this e-reader I had several ideas for improving it but I am not sure on how much these idas could be feasible

1. Improve the contrast of the back screen providing that e-ink tech permits :

a) by making the display be more whiter . This display is relatively gray

b) the black to be even darker to 100%

2. Using zoom, un-zoom instead of the font resize (font resize to work as secondary feature ):

3. Touch screen as added feature to the e-ink tech , for a easier navigation , and more compatible to the Ipad

4. And search function to work quite fast . The E600 worked very slowly , tested the E1200 in the space of ?? but did nt work properly

And notice that the idea of thin card displays was one of my ideas of mid 80s .

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