Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oversimplified listing of the MP3 compressions

This is an notice shown on the  same webpageand also refered here separately.  This just describes the various compressions levels and thier main use

Here is a oversimplified listing  of the MP3 compressions :Notice that as the number in the left pane is higher ,  the  higher the filter and thus higher fidelity audio. The higher numbers can offer the abilities or the  lower numbers  too.  
Notice: The program  used  for analysis  is Music match jukebox that offers  the  curves shown in my
blog above


approximate usage -

8 - 11 kbps

suitable for recording telephonic conversations , voice  recording . narrowband AM radio


the above plus high fidelity  speech, AM radio, low fidelity streaming radio

24- 32 kbps

high quality speech , AM radio [medium and shortwaves ]


low fidelity FM radio


older fidelity FM radio


CD  quality audio


studio CD quality -


'Store'  mode for CD  quality

and for WMA - fior anyone interested , as  tested with Musicmatch Jukebox . For me  mostly


 just simple voice recording


high quality speech recording , 22 seems  as HIFI


 good for FM


CD audio  compromise , best for mass storage


CD  recording   = 128 on MP3


'high quality' CD recording =192 on MP3

And notice the  following:
The above listing is still controversial  and depends on the program and codecs you use. Older  lame codec [used in goldwave ] does not offer the same audio quality

And several  comments on windows media wma files:
- offering lower dynamic range :  they can clip very low voices , The  dynamic rrange  is aoubt 50 db
- on MP3 hardware players :
   - they can drain the double current (Sansa E130  and Creative Zen Plus  ).
   - in most older MP3 players i tested (as sansa 130 ) , the WMA codec  can  offer better audio than its MP3  codec!!
   - the  wma codec may introduce its own noise  with 'cracks' in sudden audio changes  or in loud points. See also the

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  1. I have to notice that this listing offers just the MMJB 6 edition. If y look at my newer postings with Bonk and Lame's latest versions there is slighlty different results to the better . as for example 96kb offer nearly transparent audio